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  1. Hi folks. Quite suddenly, my machine now prints vertical faces at a slope as seen in the attached photos. Any ideas as to what could be causing this. The holes in the thicker section should also be round, not oval. I apologize if the brim makes the photo a bit confusing. Thanks! Chris
  2. Do you have the ability to limit "minimum feature" size when outputting to STL? I use Moi3D (www.moi3d.com) and when I output to STL, I set the minimum feature to .001" which greatly reduces the poly count without any apparent difference in the final model. Not to sound like "that guy", but I defy anyone to see a difference in the model from the original to one where I add this minimum feature limit. Try it, you'll be surprised! Cheers, Chris
  3. Why can't my prints look like this?
  4. I actually dialed down print head speed to 60mm/sec while printing and 100mm/sec when traveling to increase quality. The default settings were twice that! C.
  5. It sounds like a "return to store" to me. :-P I'm very frustrated by the kids from Brooklyn. C.
  6. This is printed at "HIGH" on a Replicator2. Boy did I buy the wrong machine. And listen to these sounds it makes: Lovely. Now how to return it and get a UM2? =( Chris
  7. So I went with a Replicator2 instead of UM2. To quote the knight in Indiana Jones, "He chose... poorly". Now I need to deal with Makerbot to return the machine and the three spools of filament I bought. Did I mention this was only the third print I made on it? Jeez! <hangs head in shame> -Chris
  8. So I ask, does the difference between 2.85mm and 3mm (nominal) filament matter to the UM2? Enquiring minds want to know. =) Chris
  9. Hi folks. Like everyone else, I'd love to have a sample part printed for me at high resolution in PLA on an Ultimaker2 before I plunk down my money for a machine. I've got test prints from a Replicator2 in my hands (not bad) and another one from Affinia on its way. The part is a 6" diameter (approx.) spoked wheel. you can see it in my album: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/gallery/album/732-csc-album/ Neither of these machines has the build volume I need, and neither of those machines has the top resolution of the UM2. So, TWO points for Ultimaker. LOL Anyway, I will be happy to pa
  10. Now that makes sense. I will set the STL up in mm prior to importing into Cura. Mercifully, it is a simple case of maths to get the correct dimensions to the machine. Thank you! Cheers, Chris
  11. Hello all. I did a quick test by importing a known-working STL file of 6" diameter. When it was placed in the display of Cura, it came in at less than 1", and needed to be scaled by approx. 10x to reach the proper size. The drawing scale was inches, and I had not seen this issue in other program before. Thoughts? Will I have to create a generic 1x1x1 cube to set my machine's "scaling default"? Thanks Chris
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