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  1. Hello folks I am a proud Ultimaker V1 owner. I got one about 2 months ago and soon enough I will run out of material which I got from the Ultimaker store. As I am in Ireland/UK I was recommended to try the website http://www.faberdashery.co.uk/products-page/%20to%20get%20PLA%20material. They have a great selection of colours and you can buy it by the metre which is cool! However I notice that the filament diameter is either 1.75mm or 3mm. The filament I get from Ultimaker is 2.85mm I believe off hand. Will the 1.75 or 3mm work in an Ultimaker V1 and if so then which one should I get? 3mm bec
  2. Sorry again for late reply, I've been having soo much fun with this. So I went back some steps and made sure that the axis for the print head was square, crazily enough they weren't (I feel like an idiot) and I done what you mentioned gr5 and it has made a huge difference. No more skipping and the x feels pretty smooth! Thank's guys for being super awesome
  3. Hey guys. Sorry I never replied, I've been soo busy printing. I have barely turned this thing off hehe. Thanks for your help, I did contact Ultimaker and got a replacement fairly quick, although I haven't installed it yet as the print head never goes to far in that direction. (I'll eventually do it) Been learning lots in terms of calibration. My main issue was that prints wern't sticking but now with proper bed levelling it's close to imposisble to remove prints. But it isn't an issue as that's what I'd prefer. My big issue now is the X axis is quite stiff to move and the odd print will so
  4. Hey folks. Got an ultimaker today began constructing it earlier and found out that one of the limit breaker switches has no metal prong so it is buggered... I'm gonna continue building it but will I be able to use the printer at all in the meantime until they send me out a replacement. It's frustrating how each components bag has two ticks for "quality control" yet they missed that. Thanks folks.
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