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  1. Will octopi work ? i tried connecting it but it cannot find the printer :(
  2. i'll give it a go running a 2 hour print atm so will start it after this one pla temps 220 ? and you did let the heatbed heat up (i manually turned it to 0 in the settings before the print) edit : OMFG! your gcode scared the shit out of me after the ultimaker was making strange noises but god dam it made perfect items !
  3. Robbert... how the hell do you print that spacer ? mine keeps melting on the spot (printing pla at 200c no heated bed) it then gets stuck and turns into a blob
  4. i woke up at 01:00 seeing my little owls beeing done.. started your print.. forgot to change filament so now i have it in black.. 100% fill (overkill i know) on pla at 0.1mm only need to print the last part and then I can start changing the stuff out (doing a vase print right now of 10 hours and the extruder started clicking in the first 15 mins but i had to go so fingers crossed i get home with a decent print instead of spagetti... just give us a sneak peak!! or the beta files :geek: (or i'll keep on using robberts !)
  5. Is this safe to print in PLA and what other settings do you recommend ? 0,1layer height ? I will probably start printing this part tomorrow evening in Orange (had some prints going for kingsday this weekend so why not) i'll give Ian his design a go as well seeing he seems to have started it a long time ago (as far as my feeder goes.. been printing for 1,5 weeks non stop and still no issues with the current feeder but I like upgrades so yeah)
  6. and i'm back again.. 0.1mm prints seem to work fine but now when i try to print 0,06 or 0,02 i seem to get underextrusion. when i ramp up the extrusion rate to 400% it starts flowing again but that shouldn't be good ? the first layer goes on without a problem but the second one seems to underextrude and after that it seems to speed up the print process the next 2/3 layers. It also seems the first layer isn't 0,06/0,02 but a thicker layer (looks like a 0,1mm to me) is this normal ? i'm trying to create the smoothest surface on the first layer so that i can sand it better in post but for now all I seem to be able is to print 0.1mm cases but once i go down that layersize the prints starts to fail with underextrusion..
  7. so..I did the hollow pyramid test. seems the conclusion is the filament was messed up.. same settings just changed the filament (and i went from 230 > 220 > 190 c on the top to keep it from deforming)
  8. I actually printed 4 more cases that all seem to fit after chabing from UM gold to abother brand pla black.. I even turnd on retraction and now problems.. I will test the hollow cube soon after I finished the fifth iphone case and post the results
  9. 1: pla might be stored wrongly not sure i've bought 6 new rolls so i'll see what happens. 2: fan is working no problems there... it's just really strange. 3: it seems to be to small, i've been to a 3d shop in Rotterdam and they had allot of cases laying around and those seemed to be much smaller at the edges mine are very thick. it seems my fifth and sixth attempt at printing a case worked, only downside one of the 2 models broke after removing the iphone for the second time so this one might need to be printed in flexibel pla the second one didn't break yet after removing twice. now I should have to figure out how to get my retraction working... is there a test file i can print to test retraction I know there is pyramide that seems to test this very good.
  10. Hey guys for some reason I just can't print iphone cases that ''fit'' to the iphone.. i tried doing them fast/slow 0.1mm and 0.25 they all seems to ''work'' but the phone just won't sit into the case. no one seems to be sharing there settings on how to print them.. i tried printing this one http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:241258 my settings are : another problem is when i use retraction (standard 4,5mm and 45mm/s settings) it seems that after a while the printer does not extrude any pla and the prints fails, this wasn't an issue before but now it seems that it happens all the time. Also, the gold pla I got with my ultimaker 2 is at 50% and I now already have had 4 breakings of the pla on the spool wich meant having to manually guide the filament into the extruder to keep the print going is this due to the fact the spool was wined up to tight ? I also did do the extrusion test and it seems to pass everything http://dump.ajdulion.nl/IMG_2224.JPG made a link due to large size (i know there is a line at 6mm/s but this was due to the spool once again breaking and me having manually feeding the cable in)
  11. haha I can understand, thing is I more then often ''borrow'' some camera gear from him wich blows the price of the UM2 out of the water, my main reason to place it there was i'm almost always there on weekends and it can print more projects then me working a full-time job wich means if i have a 5 hours print i'll loose another 3/4 hours due to work time. in any case the nicotine is going to be a problem (and I thought it would be) so i'll have to think of something else or try getting him to stop smoking (Wich is like telling a kid he can't have candy)
  12. Luckey I don't smoke the idea was to place the printer at a friends house so he can watch the thing running (works from home) and he does smoke
  13. yeah so basicly don't use it at a place people chain smoke that's what I thought (and means i'll have to find a way to have someone else babysit my UM2 for a while. problem with the cats is I have a persian with long white hairs which are spraying all over the place so the printer room is gonna stay closed thanks !
  14. Hey guys, As my UM2 is underway I was wondering what the best place would be to start printing once it has arrived. i've read dust can clog up the extruder hence I was wondering if it would be a ''bad'' idea to place the machine in a room where people would smoke/have pets (dogs/cats) due to te smoke/hairs. are there any guideline's on how far you should go to make a ''clean'' room I know it won't need a white spotless space to print but what would be bad for the printer ?
  15. How much do you want for the printer ? I have a UM2 underway but actually can't wait to start printing and having an UM original isn't so bad as spare I guess.
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