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  1. To be fair both are valid, and Aluminum was actually the way it was originally spelt. But yeah it does annoy me too :-P
  2. Interestingly enough, after posting on Twitter about it, Ultimaker GB are saying that it does actually have a 12 month warranty. I have e-mailed the GB support address, but haven't heard anything back yet. I really want to get a new one sent out either way ASAP but they just seem to be so slow with everything.
  3. So I had the same problem so many others are having - my teflon spacer has deformed. No problem, I thought, that should easily get replaced under warranty. So after waiting 3 days for a reply to my ticket, I find out it only has a 3 month warranty. I am not happy about not only having the actually buy the part myself, but it wouldn't be so bad if the delivery of the part was near enough the same price as the part itself! Not happy.
  4. I actually spoke to the owner a few days ago as I had order issues before the site went offline. As it turns out he hadn't seen the order and there was some confusion. I got a refund so that's not a problem. Apparently he was having trouble with the guy that does his site and web hosting and he was being charged ridiculous amounts of money for it, so he had to find another alternative. He said a new site would be up and running soon. I had quite a long conversation with him and it seems the company is fine, it's just the website. I'll be giving him the benefit of the doubt because their filament is the best for the price I have come across so far.
  5. Correct. I actually find their filament to be around 2.82mm which is fine. You will find most filament suppliers will describe their filament as 3mm when in fact they are usually 2.9mm or less. I have found that some cheap filament tends to go much closer to 3mm, however this is not really desirable as if it goes wider than 3mm at any point you run the risk of nozzle blockages.
  6. I have been using filament from https://www.spectrumfilament.com/ with great success. Their filament is between 2.8 - 2.85mm.
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