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  1. Thanx for that Arjan, I will give the spareparts support a try, so that I am able to get some parts for my brand new machine.
  2. HI Bob, sounds like you and I are having similar experiences. I have several low cost Chinese CNC machines and it is as you say, the engineering is dodgy, BUT I operate on the premise of I can deliver 80% of what a $100k machine can produce on a $8K machine so I am able to absorb much of the 'keep it going' costs'. As for 3D printing I have three 3D up machines and they are just fantastic and I have done lots of prototyping jobs successfully. They seem to be Chinese and I have to admit if you like me just want to push button to print their software is the best., unfortunately I can only ge
  3. This is an interesting discussion for me as I have the same problems as atunci but my problem is with Ultimaker not with Mankati. Other than making a few toys to start I haven't been able to do one full large commercial print on my Ultimaker. The machine always fails in some respect. I have 3 other printers all Chinese which consistently outperform the Ultimaker. As for ultimaker support, their average response time is 7 days to any query and when they finely respond they seem to have not read the request where as my dealings with Mankati have been in real time. I am trying to run a commer
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