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  1. The winning answer was nothing in the sweep stake. I have received no parcel and the item that has arrived on the tracking number that I was given wasn't addressed to me.
  2. Well done, you've managed to mess this up as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell me who you addressed the package to and where you sent it?
  3. 4 tickets, 8 emails, 1 phone call. 4 tickets got an automated response 8 emails got some sarcasm and some BS about looking into it "shortly" on this forum 1 phone call told me it got shipped today and will be with me monday/tuesday next week Anyone want to place a bet on what arrives tuesday? Nothing 4/1 A complete new ultimaker 6/1 The wrong parts 2/1 Some of the missing parts I require 3/2 All of the missing parts I require 40/1 Something else 10/1
  4. I placed my order in February... how much do you think is my lack of "patience" and how much is your total incompetence?
  5. So... I've managed to purchase an ultimaker kit that is missing numerous essential parts (knurled bolt, small bearing, springs etc.) and, having contacted Ultimaker on numerous times, cannot get a definitive answer to the questions: A) Can you supply me with the missing parts? B) If yes, when will this be? Is my only course of action to return the UM kit and request a refund? Does anyone know of an alternative action? (such as somewhere to purchase the missing parts? -NOT ULTIMAKER) I would be grateful for any advise/help!
  6. After spending my time (unpaid) making a knurled bolt, I now find that the small bearing is missing from my kit! :mad: seriously UM do you just fling the bits at a box and what sticks you post out? Can anyone advise me on the UM returns policy?
  7. 17 hours later... :mellow:
  8. 10 days and counting, guess it's time to get macgyver on this thing.
  9. So you get your emails, you just choose to ignore them!
  10. Can't seem to find the explanations you mention, can you send me a link?
  11. Still not got the missing parts No reply from UM to 8 emails and 4 tickets. Getting loads of hassle from my boss about the fact I should be modifying this PoC to continue the project and how the project is falling behind. REALLY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!
  12. Anyone adapted the UM1 kit to print biological samples? (cell scaffolds, cells, proteins etc.) Would love to hear what you've done/attempted, especially any success stories! Jono
  13. Based in Glasgow UK. It's been over a week since I first contacted ultimaker and the only response I can get from them is "I have send your request to our logistic department. They will ship your order shortly." I assume "shortly" actually means sometime in the next 6 months. Does anyone have the specifications for the knurled drive bolt? It's probably going to be quicker to machine one than wait for UM to pull their finger out!
  14. Hi all, Any experience of having parts missing in the UM 1 build kit? I have contacted UM regarding the missing parts and they have said they will send them out to me. (I have also tried to get an estimate for how long this will take but my emails have been ignored (awful customer service)) Does anyone have an idea of how long these essential parts may take to arrive? Jono
  15. 5/6 of the way through my UM build to find that the parts for the drive bolt assembly are missing. :( Contacted Ultimaker support but no reply so far. Anyone know where I can source a knurled drive bolt or a hack to get round it?
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