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  1. Hey guys, Thanks for all the info this thread have given me. After a few months I started having serious under extrusion problems on my Ultimaker 2 and I couldn't figure out what to do. Thankfully I came across this thread. I think it should be stickied as it has a lot of useful info (if that wasn't done already ) My problem seems to be too much tension on my material feed when using the the stock Ultimaker 2 feed guide. Once I tried a new feed guide, I had much improved results. Though I must admit that I had to raise my temp to about 235C) once I passed the 5 - 6mm^3/ s mark and some black stuff fell off the extruder; I assuming it was old material that burnt off. As you might see in the pictures. Attaching my results, now I know what direction to go in, to keep improving my machine. Thanks!
  2. Just did the cleaning method 180 to 90 degrees, cleared my nozzle lets hope that this was the cause for my under extrusion and skipping problems! Going to test it out. Thanks for the info in this thread.
  3. Nice to see you here. You were instrumental in convincing me that the Ultimaker brand were the machines to get. They are truly the best. Keep doing what you are doing! :cool: I am enjoying my machine.
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