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  1. Heb gemerkt dat als je pritt kruislings aanbrengt, er soms wat dikkere stukken (klodders zelfs) ontstaan. Onderkant van printjes lijken gedeukt als printer over de bobbels print. Net als eerste poster gemerkt dat printkop soms de eerste laag (gedeeltelijk) meesleurt. Vaak als hij 2 scherpe bochten maakt dicht bij elkaar. Op Ulti-event in Utrecht heb ik 2 dingen geleerd van mede-UM gebruikers. 1. Pritt is wateroplosbaar, dus met water en kwast een laag uitsmeren en dan heated bed opstoken om water te verdampen. Deze techniek gebruik ik nu en hechting is stuk beter dan pure pritt kruislings smeren. Printjes blijven wel muurvast zitten. Als glasplaat voldoende is afgekoeld komt het makkelijker los. 2. Andere gebruiker vertelde dat ze een houtlijm-water mengsel op de plaat smeert. Nog niet zelf geprobeerd, maar klinkt ook goed.
  2. To go off-topic a bit. When I ordered my UM original I had some very bad experiences with their customer support as well. Let's say they weren't very helpful at all. Maybe it's the UM company culture to treat paying customers and Cura end-users in a certain way? I'm Dutch and customer support here in general is average, but I never experienced this kind of thing from other companies in the Netherlands. The attitude of UM team members in this thread and the other discussion on the topic doesn't impress me at all.
  3. @nallath. To me it looks like Daid is the only one insulting people (i.e. all Cura users) here. Maybe it's the software engineers that need to change their attitude towards Cura users. Anyway, Bot was trying to help improve Cura by giving a suggestion and all he got was a 'NO' without ANY explanation? Looks like he's going for a different slicer now after the way he was treated by the UM team. Other users (and me) seem to agree with his suggestion and we still don't know why it's not a good idea?
  4. From similar discussions I understand that UM had delivery problems with their suppliers. That's no excuse, because they could've as least updated the lead-time for the UM kit to 6-8 weeks. Anyhow, just got a text-message from FedEx that the order was collected and will be delivered Monday. (Other order still unknown.) Hope yours will be delivered soon also.
  5. Who has been warned? About what? [Explained below] UM promised me the same. 1 order shipped today at the latest, and other order ASAP (all items in stock so also today I expect). Today must be a very busy day for UM and FedEx Can't wait.
  6. It also depends on what you want to use the printer for and how much you want to spend. If you want to save money, consider buying the UM Classic which also has a great resolution. Or a Chinese Replicator clone that go for 800 euros on ebay and still have similar quality like R X2. Buying UM also means buying new filaments. For high detail models, go for UM2 or even UM C. For dual extrusion, go for UM C or R X2. For printing ABS, go for UM2 or R X2 (or UM C with custom bed). UM2 and R X2 use different slicer software and generate different gcode files. Not sure what the Qu-bd uses, but I would go for a printer that uses the same software. On the other hand, Cura is very easy to use. So lots of things to consider.
  7. Thanks anon4321, for the response. Part of the reason I chose to order an UM was the support reputation. Seems I was wrong about that :( Guess I'll have to go beg and plead to Sander now to get anything done. To any UM staff reading this. I am now an unhappy customer. Please report this to your manager. I would not recommend anyone to buy anything from UM.
  8. From other UM users I've heard good things about the support. Last Monday I was also satisfied, but now, it's getting less satisfying and more annoying :( Here's the thing. Sunday I tried to order the UM 1 Classic and some filament. Filled in addresses, selected payment method iDeal. Then confirmed the payment, but after that something went wrong. The money was charged from my account, but the order didn't show up in the 'my account' section. After opening a support ticket, I got a fairly quick response, which seemed good. After that email I haven't gotten any response on emails I sent afterwards. No feedback at all. Eventually, an order (R261736053) did show up in the 'my account' section. The status however is still unconfirmed and payment is still pending. I don't spend this kind of money every week. So, when you pay a company 1500+ euros, you'd want to see some more support. At least some feedback, even if it's something like 'we're having trouble finding and confirming your payment'. Then I know something, because now I know nothing. The longer it takes, the longer I have to wait for the printer to arrive. Probably my order will end up at the bottom of the pile. Best regards, Robert
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