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  1. As long as its normal that's fine with me. Thanks!
  2. I recently installed my dual extrusion kit and everything went fine. I haven't actually tried it out yet because I haven't got my ultimaker calibrated really good yet so I have just been using one extruder for my test prints. However, everything for the second extruder is plugged into the electronics and while printing only with the first extruder the second extruder motor gets very hot (to the point you can't touch it long). All the other motors don't even seem a slight bit warm. Is something wrong? I am stumped on this one Thanks, Hunter
  3. No, 3 because I just assumed the orientation was correct because when I tested them. I switched the x and y kept the orientation. In doing that I blew the x which was originally fine because the y was in backwards. This is what caused me to look at the instuctions and see that they were in placed in backwards because after that z, x, and y did not work at all. If I would have just left the x driver out instead of placing it in the y-axis position it would have been only 2 blown. I simply tested the extruder driver by placing it in the x-axis spot instead of heating the extruder and trying it that way. That driver turned out fine. Thanks anon4321, I will look into that!
  4. Thanks! The Extruder driver was fine as far as I know. I will test that again just to make sure that only 3 of the 4 drivers are blown, not all of them!
  5. Hi Sander and gr5, Thanks for the quick responses. I PMed you sander. Here is a picture of my pololu drivers or stepper drivers as I had received them in the mail. As you can see the Z and Y-axis drivers are backwards from what is shown in the instructions.
  6. Hi Everyone, I recieved my ultimaker original in the mail last week and finished building it. After switching the machine on and running through the set up process in Cura, I realized that only the x-axis stepper motor was working. So following the procedure that Ultimaker had posted on their website, I first tried to switch the motors and that worked fine. Second I tried switching the Stepper Drivers (keeping note of the orientation of them) and after I tried that and switched everything back nothing worked! From here I looked at the building instructions and noticed that my board had arrived to me in the mail with the y and z-axis stepper drivers placed backwards. In the process of testing my machine, I believe I blew the x-axis stepper driver along with the other ones assuming that they would have been positioned correctly. Is this the correct assumption? I have emailed support and then called them after six days of waiting and they said they would get right on it. Now onto day 7, I still haven't heard anything. I have heard great things about this printer and I know they are busy, but it's fustrating after still waiting a whole week to hear back from them with a fully built printer. What do you guys think? Thanks, Hunter
  7. I ordered my Ultimaker with the Doodle Package on February 14th and still have not gotten a shipping notification. I contacted sales support twice and was told it was supposed to ship the beginning of last week. It never did. I messaged Sander late last week and I'm still waiting for a reply, which is fine because it has only been a 1 or so weekdays. However, It's beginning to push two months so I'm hoping I should be getting a notification this week. Hunter
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