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  1. I managed to grop the darn bowden retainer clip into the side of the print head on my UM2 upgraded to 2+, could this melt and cause problems?>Taking the assembly apart is not desirable as I only have use of one hand due to a disability. Thanks Kerry
  2. What should the 'Gcode flavor' setting be set to in Cura for a Ultimaker 2+ with this firmware? Thanks
  3. Count me as another who had a great experience with Dynamism. The person on the phone was very helpful, they had them in stock when no one else did, and it arrived quickly and in perfect order.
  4. Yes, I read it. And went out and bought an inexpensive rotary tumbler. Thanks for the advice, it has been working great.
  5. In Cura->Tools there is the option to either print all at once or print one at a time. For the scenario you mentioned above you want to print all at once. That will give the extra time per layer for cooling.
  6. I printed out the Isis bird statue from Hyde Park mentioned in a previous thread. I used bronzefill. The neck is slender, and I broke it trying to polish/sand it. Bronzefill isn't cheap, and I'd hate to go with a high infill in areas of that print that don't need it. Is there a way to just increase infill at certain Z ranges? I have a UM2 and have been using Cura.
  7. What is your shell and bottom/top thickness set to?
  8. I wondered the same thing. 260C seem very high considering what is recommended. I'd also worry about the bronzefill conducting so much heat to the teflon.
  9. I just received a roll of bronzefill, and I'm really enjoying working with it. I'd like to print the bird statue shown here http://www.imakr.com/us/filament/31-colorfabb-bronzefill-175mm.html but I haven't been able to find it. Does anyone know if this is available somewhere?
  10. Reply sent. Thanks illuminarti.
  11. Looking at those photos it looks like the only consistently good walls I'm getting are at 3mm. I watched it print that piece for a bit, and noticed the grinding/skip sound from the feeder about once per revolution once it was above 3mm. It was a short sound, but pretty consistent per layer. It feels like there is some fundamental design issue with the UM2. My old Thing-O-Matic was a bit long in the tooth after 2 1/2 years, but I never had any issues with extrusion, even at fairly high acceleration rates.
  12. Thanks illuminarti, sorry I've been busy and haven't had much time. I increased the tension as suggested, it is now right in the middle of the range (I have a UM2 purchased in May). I have already installed a version of your firmware that had the filament grinding fix in an earlier build. Here are some not so great photos of the extrusion test piece.
  13. Yes, the PLA I'm using is silver, and has some transparency to it so I need to set shell width to 1.2mm (a multiple of .4) to get it to look solid. Otherwise I can see the infill pattern. I have not tried the test piece yet. Once I get it back to functioning I will give it a go. I've read some postings about Robert's extruder. Is that a known 'fix' for folks? Are they still seeing extrusion issues after installing it?
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