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  1. Thanks. The surface looks worse than it is. It has more to do with my camera and lighting than with the print.
  2. I have printed my brothers brains that I had isolated from an MRi scan he had made as part of his studies in to neuro sience. I printed it out on 50% scale and gave it to him as a present for his graduation. The model rendering: The print finished: Finished brains on a stand (also printed ofcourse) He was pretty surprised being able to hold his own brain... :mrgreen:
  3. Hi, I have also done some work on finding optimal settings. My method was not yet described on the forum, so I made this post describing the steps. http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/5093-how-to-setup-print-speed-temperature-and-layer-height/ Hope it is usefull
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