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  1. Now, that the hero of my childhood has died, i´d like to show you this little diorama. I started some time ago, but i finished it today. All vehicles are printed with a 0.25 nozzle, the landscape with a 0.4 nozzle. Most of the parts are made in 3dsMax and Zbrush. I hope you like it and godspeed, Roger[/media]
  2. Finished this weekend. You can download the stl at: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/alien-bust-3878 but my print has more details, because i resculpted them in zbrush.
  3. Hi, it´s been a long time... So here are a few pictures of my latest project. This is a Ma.K "Fliege". I bought a plastic kit from japan and it was a little too small (1:20). I build a new one with 3dsmax and printed it with my ultimaker2. [/media][/media]
  4. I got my 3dSolex today and i must be a lucky guy, since there was no problem to get the steelcoupler and the temp sensor out! To be honest, it was so easy, that i think i missed something... Up to now i´m printing with the 0.4 Nozzle and it looks good. The only thing thats new, is a vibrating noise, when the printer retracts. I´ll test the other nozzles, soon.
  5. So much usefull information! @pixl2 thats exactly why i asked for things one should know... I would not have found a solution for that by myself! Thanks again for posting, guys!
  6. Thank you for answering gr5 and DidierKlein! Your comments will help me to get the 3dSolex to work. Do you have some information regarding a 0.25 nozzle? Like at what speed and layerthickness this should be used? I´d like to print some small and very detailed parts with that nozzle. Thanks again for your help!
  7. Hello, i´d like to buy the 3dSolex kit, but i´m not a pro user. Are there any instructions or tips, how to adjust the bedlevel after installing a new nozzle and what parameter have to be adjusted in Cura? And are there any other things that one should know? I know that some of you already have this kit and i would like to hear what your experience is like. Thanks in advance, Carsten
  8. Ok, erstmal Danke! Der Punkt ist aber, das ich nirgendwo einen Kontakt zwischen den Riemen und dem Gehäuse oder anderen Gegenständen sehen kann. Ich muss mir das wohl noch mal genauer ansehen. Ich glaube aber, das sich der Riemen in der Führung teilweise verdreht....
  9. Moin, heute habe ich "schwarzes Pulver" auf dem Motor hinten links (Ultimaker2) gefunden. Ich vermute das sich einer der schwarzen Riemen zerreibt und die Brösel dann auf den Motor fallen. Kennt jemand dieses Problem und gibt es eine Lösung dafür? Ersatzteile (Riemen) für den U2 konnte ich im Shop nicht finden. Ich habe auch keine Ahnung wie aufwendig ein Austausch sein würde. Für Tipps wäre ich, wie immer, sehr dankbar!
  10. Hi, i managed to paint the smaller version of my Facehugger. Please excuse the base, i would have used some filler on it, but since it is a birthday present, i had to finish it just in time.
  11. Hi, i´d like to describe my experience with Ultimaker Support. First of all, please excuse my english, it´s not my native language. As i got my Ultimaker2 i was surprised by it´s great printquality and allthough it is my first 3d Printer, i was able to make some awesome prints from the start. But after about 2 months of excessive printing, some problems start to worry me. I got more and more underextrusion. I tried different filaments and temperaturesettings, but nothing worked for me. I got me some help from this forum and i tried anything but still no success. I disassembled the materi
  12. Awesome!!! What´s the scale of this? What tools are you using for sanding?
  13. @braddock: Not exact 1:1 i think it´s a little smaller, but still big enough to impress people. They won´t believe me that this comes out of my Ultimaker2 :-P @Didier Klein: Thank you, the Facehugger won´t do you any harm! But than, let me think again....... @Sander: You should see my 1:1 Thor`s Mjolnir i printed last weekend..... Regarding your Question, send me a PM :mrgreen: Any news about your 3dArtist request? Have fun, Carsten
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