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  1. Hello I had a very interesting problem today. My old printer Ultimaker Original try has updated its firmware. After the update is received similar to your problem. Printer launched Z-axis to print 2 times lower. illuminarti Thanks for decision. I changed Zaxes_mm of 533.3 and now everything is OK.
  2. Thanks i send email for Sander van Geelen I hope to help because i still wait my money back from Ebay Once again thanks for info
  3. Dim3nsioneer thanks for info but i try to buy in auction one of them and finaly all fauil and i wait my monety back. I dont know about this before today If I can help the investigation please pass this information to the police or Ultimaker / do not know where to send /. This information is for the seller to whom I sent the money. MISS I A D SOARES account no-10395667 sort code-111,460 IBAN-GB70 HLFX 1114 6010 3956 67 BIC-HLFXGB21K32 This is a bank account that I sent thieves. I pay on this ebay: https://www.zeta-uploader.com/bg/openfile?hash=153271167&rel=153271167.jpg Follow Bai. In two weeks there in auctions of these machines. Placed them 10 at a time. and disappear. Hopefully some of my money back I wrote already on Ebay. Please give me information on whom to send the data to find the thieves. I know you do not belong here. Send me where to submit this information to catch them.
  4. Hy Gr5 acurrate word is "precision" sory. I hope in future have no similar problems because befor i reinstal Cura i have in 5 cm Z high 4 mm error / 5cm = 4,6mm /, but now all is fine
  5. Hy again i reinstal Cura and all is fine. thank you
  6. Hello I want to ask When noozle fell 0.25, or 0.3 in Cura and print with 0.4 / pretsiznos for better edges and details / possible in the final model to diverge much / more than 2 mm / or it's some other problem ? Printing with bed height 0.2 print speed 30 40 mm / for better precision /. In all dimensions, the differences are different / Z is above 2 mm /. Later I will let the pictures. Regards Peterv
  7. Thanks a lot I read about heat bed before weeks but i strill wait oficial UM upgrade for best result thanks a lot regard Peter V
  8. Thanks for the reply. All brands of printers you have this problem or just Ultimaker? UM2 have a similar problem? Is there any way / at slow speed, lower temperature or second fan / to fix the problem because I have several colors and do not know what to do? Regards Peter
  9. Hello again I could not find anything on the subject of opening a new post. My problem is: When printing ABS during printing material gently starts to rise, this rise in growth during printing also receive locations where the material is split during printing. Samples with two different colors to see if the material will react differently, but the problem remained. I send picutres to see. Use standard settings CURA printing ABS because it's my first print with this material. My question is: Am I wrong or something bad material? thank you PetarV
  10. Hello again. Thank you all. My printer prints great thank you. Once again thank you. I did all your advice and eventually worked. "Aviphysics" I did all that I agreed higher wrote scratching noise decreased. "Hreedijk" Thanks for the idea to put the pulleys and belts to take a tree "Gr5" Indeed, the problem of mismatch of the layers was about the car alongside the tree. Separated from the tree belt / this is really very important / and once Correction Roller checked any problems with the bearings / they are wrong / rotated axes 180 degrees, tighten the rollers. The problem is corrected. Printer able to print without variance strata. Scratching noise occurs rarely and only in the direction of left - right now but do not influence the press. It turned out that my extruder motor does not rotate and extruded as a rotary gear by hand but it certainly has it as a topic in another forum. Once again thank you all
  11. Thank you I will do everything I wrote and released the results Among other things, my little belt on both / XY / motor touch the wood frame
  12. when printing rounded or square corners then also appears that sound too. changing the location of the top layer. which must be directly on the other
  13. Hello I have a very serious problem with my "Ultimaker original" 5 times unbend rolls and try to Adjust the X and Y axes and poblema remains. The print head moves hard and heard a scraping I could not figure out where is / See video/ Loose rolls and aligned them several times. Not better reult. I aligned very well axses but problems remain. Adjust the belt-tightening but did not help. Adjust the several time X and Y motors are not very tight little belts and still does not fix the problem. Loosened wood caps fir X and Y bearings and the problem remained. Anyone know what could be the problem because I read all the forums and do not know what else to do. Exhaustion of all possible options. Several times I run "robot" and I notice the same problem - no layers are built well and "scrach" of the video occurs when prints round or curved parts of object angles are not parallel to the axes. Can anyone help me?
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