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  1. UM2. I did this :-) not long after I first had it. I've found that the other screws gradually worked loose. I'll have a tinker to see what I can do. Thanks for the replies
  2. Hello all, I've noticed that the printer head fan screws vibrate and make a fair bit of noise when the printer is in use. There is no apparent affect on print quality. Does anyone have any advice on alternative screws, use of threadlock etc. to eliminate this effect? cheers :smile:
  3. Thanks for the fast reply. It's a UM2. only had it a few days. I wasn't present when it was printing in these areas so didn't see what was happening. I have scanned the bed with my infra-red thermometer and the heat seams consistent throughout. I have since printed on the same area of the bed without issue (bed is flat). There doesn't seem to be a mechanical issue with the gantry either. I used glue not tape. Would you recommend tape over glue? Could it be that the movement of the head put tension on the filament causing it to pull back slightly in these areas? I can't see how that would happen really, I'm just trying to think around the problem.
  4. Thanks for the advice :smile: The raised strip ran from the front of the bed toward the back about 100mm. going between two separate parts (one of which is below). I've printed since I had the issue without problems. Which is a good thing I guess. I would like to understand the problem though.
  5. Hi, I printed out a few parts last night and when they were finished I noticed that a couple had a strip, about an inch wide, where the print was raised, inconsistent and of a generally bad quality. I'm not sure if it's a build plate heat distribution issue or something along those lines. I'm new to this so just guessing at the moment. Does anyone have any advice? Any help is greatly appreciated. p.s. I've taken a photo but don't know how to attach it to the post.
  6. Thanks for your replies, they have been really helpful. I will have a play around tonight to try to find the best way to mitigate the effect based on your recommendations. I only noticed the "spreading effect" (thought I'd throw in another description :wink:) when i went to fit a circular disc piece, I had made into, its related clearance hole. It's not immediately obvious to the eye. What would you recommend for filler? Thanks again :smile:
  7. Thanks for the reply :-) Yes, you are interpretting my wording correctly :-) just my way of describing what I'm seeing, I'm not sure of the correct terminology. I'm in work at the moment, so don't have the parts at hand. I'll try and get a photo later. How do you go about correcting the parts after printing?
  8. Hello, I just got an Ultimaker 2, very happy with the purchase and the quality of my first few prints :smile: I just had a question regardiing the first few print layers. I've noticed that the printed pieces flair very slightly at the bottom. What is the best way to compensate for this? is it because the build plate is too hot? I was considering introducing a small chamfer/fillet to the edges on the bottom layer to eliminate the flair. Does anyone do this? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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