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  1. Hi guys, I've been away from this thread far too long from what I can tell. Martin, I had also started to think I was the only one with this problem. Unfortunately, out Ultimaker is yet to work properly even after we replaced the extruder with the latest E3D.... we're thinking of replacing the extruding mechanism but I'm not sure It's broken and at this point I don't know how I can tell if it is. I'll give it another go, take it apart and put it back together again... ina
  2. Thank you for the advice, I found the link you sent very usefull. I did have the resistor weld, I removed it to see if I would get a different response from the software without it. I tried uploading the software with arduino, following this tutorial:
  3. another question in the E3D installation saga. I welded the resistor to the motherboard and proceeded in uploading the modified firmware. The upload didn't work until I removed the arduino from the rest of the electronics. The upload was instantaneous after that bunt another problem arose: I can't connect to the printer, I've tried different software with the same result, plus my controller keeps on showing ERROR: MAXTEMP message and then it lights up and I can't use it anymore. Retracing my steps back, I removed the resistor and installed the initial firmware and now I keep getting a mintem
  4. Hei, I've found this thread very educational but I have a followup question I didn't find the answer to in the discussion: I bought the e3d V6, we're trying to install it now but when buying the resistor you have to weld on the UM controller shield I've noticed tat there are different tipes of 4.7k resistors. How many watts does the resistor have to have?
  5. I've checked to see if it was a heat sensor problem, either then going above the set temperature with 4-5 degrees when I preheat it doesn't do more that fluctuate 1 degree above or under the set temperature at the beggining of the print. I'll be keeping an eye out for the temperature from now on and see if this changes. What we've done after the temperature check was to clean out the nozzle with a drill. It's been printing well for four hours now...fingers crossed...I have a 17 hour print awaiting
  6. Original. I'm looking at the link you sent, thank you ^.^
  7. Hi there, I've been having some problems with my UM1. It works fine with prints up to 2 hours but when I try to print anything longer than that it either starts to underextrude and then it extrudes normally again or it alltogether stops extruding. I've been trying to print a case for two weeks now with very poor results. Up till now I've: - cleaned the nozzle - made sure that the screw at the back of extruder was tight but not too tight and that I have a constant flow of PLA - switched the steppers with eachother (I thought the motors were overheating, it wasn't the case) - cleaned the
  8. My experience with the Ultimaker has had it's ups and downs and lately it will print perfectly up to a point when it just jams. I've been all over the forum trying to fix the problem and I'm sure I'll get there but untill then, I usualy take the filament out of the extrusion head, cut the tip of PLA off and then restart the print. I use Cura for my prints. Is it possible, after a print has been stopped, to restart it with the Z axis set to a certain height? I know the software allows me to cut the buttom of the print (the part that has been printed) but can I restart the print so I don't have
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