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  1. I've made a fanduct for two 40mm fans. Both are 0,05A 12V. Only at 80% fanspeed they turn very slowly, on lower or higher fanspeed nothing. The fans run perfectly at 12V form a power supply. The original ones draw 0,09A, the new ones 0,05A. Has anyone got a clue?
  2. @pad interesting. Do you think the air is flowing too much around the heating element?
  3. Just updated the model with 1mm more space around the heater, and also posted the dual head version. A colleague of mine with a lot of process experience told me the heat is conducted through convection. A measure would me to put a heat shield in between, but it should not touch the plastic. So a thin sheet of alu foil would possibly work.
  4. So far I've printed a few parts @250°C and some sagging occurred indeed, but the part didn't become disfunctional. In the next iteration the plastic will be a little further from the heating element.
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