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  1. it a Fusion 360 ,thanks ,few people& show link
  2. thanks i play wth hdrs map and some control it
  3. Looks superb!! awesome design and print. Are you left handed? Cylinder swings right? yes left thanks
  4. buy and download on pinshape and here
  5. Version 1.0


    my new toy heavy revolver.
  6. i dont like colorfabb i test 5 spol pla...I could not pick up the temperature and speed for my models with high detail...
  7. Version 1.0


    My author's work for a wonderful company IGo3D.ru iGo3D.com This is the first copy of the height of 32 sm. original model 46 sm high. pla Innofil3d
  8. i use always low speed 35-45 mm/sec and corect temperatyre print/ print of contur and only pla innofil3d 2.85mm for good print.I keep the printer in top condition
  9. no post work here total 22 part in robot here foto on googl+
  10. thanks i try yesterday but some strange error not publish
  11. thanks/45-65 mm /sec standart nozzle pla innofil3d
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