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  1. You need to set the gantry height correctly in the 'Machine Settings' in Cura. For the later manufacture print head like you have (with the shorter bottom segment to the stack of black plastic parts in the head), the correct gantry height is about 48mm. Cura may still default to 55mm however, which was the correct value for the earlier Ultimaker² printers, which had a taller bottom piece in the print head.


    Thanks i setup from 55 to 48 mm


  2. Why?

    Also, doesn't Innofil3d produce different types of filament? If we don't know exactly what type of filament you're using it's difficult to give good advice. And like someone mentioned, using true 3mm filament is likely to cause issues, just so you know.


    when I use thread 3mm hear as the motor supply a ticking sound/ sometime .

    I played around with different parameters settings. I , raised the temperature to 220 and reduced the flow from 100 to 90 percent. max speed at which I worked with this thick plastic 45 - 50 mm a second, but low speed it's better.30-25 mm sec..so I do not know. work with this plastic. or do not use it when... I have a 2.85 mm plastic....


  3. Apart from diameter I would think you should be able to use the same settings as for 2.85mm. It more depends on material type (PLA, ABS, Nylon, Flex, etc..) and can even vary depending on brand and color. So just look around on this forum for specifics.

    Only thing that is more or less for sure is that slower speeds usually give better quality.


    I think that the thick filament, there must be other options flow parameters....


  4. I have no experience with 3mm filament (I think, never actually measured it) but I would make a custom material type. Under Material -> Settings -> Customize you can set the Diameter of your filament. That seems the likely starting point in same menu you can also increase the flow rate a bit when needed.

    When Storing these changes with Store as preset it looks like you went back to the previous menu but actually you have to select as what entry (PLC, ABS, CUSTOM? or New preset) you want to set these settings. After that you get back to the settings menu which you than can leave with Return. Don't forget to select the CUSTOM? material if you stored the settings as New preset.

    Warning: read that lots of people get blockthank you I did so, I care about this plastic flow parametersages with 3mm filament as the ultimaker is designed for 2.85m

    thank you I did so, I care about this plastic flow parameters


  5. Hi all ....in my room sometimes very warm above 30 degrees Celsius. I noticed that at the bottom, where there is a micro computer board printer, too much heat at the bottom. and little air movement. within two days, I developed a system of heat blowing from under the printer. this device I called the "polar wind". it works on the fan from USB. and is designed for installation at the bottom of the printer. blowing hot air into the side of the board micro computer. air cooling system for the printer.tomorrow I will start printing 3d...





    3d modeling idea and development Sergey Kolesnik


  6. This has been the behaviour of cura for a long time. You can change it in the expert settings under the "Cool" heading. By default the "Fan full on at height (mm)" setting is set to 5mm which means that cura will slowly ramp up the speed of the fans so that by the time the print is 5mm high the fans will be going 100%. Personally I usually change this to 1mm.

    thank you! I forgot about it I guess.


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