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  1. Regarding food, even if you have food-safe filament, most of the 3D prints I have seen have a bumpy or grooved surface texture due to the layer-by-layer print process. That means there are many cracks to trap food fragments and bacteria, so once it is in contact with food, it would be very difficult to clean it out completely. It might be a one-use-only thing, unless you can finish-seal it with some kind of paint or lacquer, but then that material would need to be food-safe.


    and if you use 100 fill plastic? You can escape the rat holes? cracks


  2. PLA (polylactic acid) is a bioplastic and it is suitable for food packaging. Pure PLA is not a problem, and drinking cold drinks from a PLA cup, is probably not a problem. Hot drinks can withstand up to 65 degrees PLA probably.

    But even pure PLA can contain any additives, so it can be better to use for 3D printing.

    Colored PLA can be of concern, because of the dyes contained therein. These dyes may be dissolved out when hot liquids contact have to PLA.

    Some filament manufacturers advertise a few products with food compatibility.





  3. I have the first post of mine slightly revised, unfortunately that happens often.

    I think this is the only possibility:

    - A layer height of 0.05mm Provides in most cases a useful object-quality, Compared with 0.1 mm standard setting.


    i use 0,18 big model long print time /Thank you! I'm probably going to buy plastic from ultimaker


  4. Hello all! plastic is very hard, quickly cools. sometimes formed on the walls of hanging icicles hanging thread. I raised the temperature to 215 degrees. print speed of 35 mm sec. sometimes it twists above. forms bumps, obstacles and micro lifting. nozzle touches him and pulls desktop model and shaking. I tried to increase the retraction settings. to 5.5 m and then lowered to 4.5 mm. how to escape from it?say you need to try Z-lift function? possible on UM2 3D printer? or look now my favorite plastic from ultimaker



  5. Great print and nice paintjob!!

    Are you going to add more details to the print, with maybe a paintjob?

    How strong is it?

    It looks like you need to handle it carefully.

    Are you also planning on making it a moveable print? So it will have joints and the legs can move?


    in this version of the test, they do not move, they are glued. yes I think still tint and stick decals. he taped durable good in 3 layers painted :) I just always careful :)


  6. No dust filter. My filament is covered in dust and a LOT of cat hairs :p but I tend to clean out the feeder area every 5-10 prints just to make sure its not too dirty. I personally think worrying about dust is a little over-kill :)


    and I also have a kitten running around everywhere:)))


  7. Yes that`s correct. The standard filament guides on the back of the ultimaker make the filament enter the feeder too tightly, and the ultimaker filaments on coils are way too tight when nearing the end of a coil. I have reduced my underextrusion a lot since using uncoiled filament.


    Faberdashery filament is supplied loose like this. At first i printed a filament holder to use with it, but I find leaving it on the floor works just fine.



    I also use the standard feeder/extruder etc, no modifications yet. Working well.


    thank,and dust from the floor? :) you did a filter?


  8. I dont use these spools anymore. I buy Faberdashery filament, this is supplied loose, Not on a coil. I basically leave the filament on the floor behind the printer and it unravels itself fine.

    I will take a photo of the spooled filament for you that has been removed from the spool, so that you can see how tight it gets.


    and if the coil placed on the floor? thread running smoothly into the extruder?


  9. Sounds like your filament is too tight on the coil. The rolls of filament are way too tight when reaching the middle to end of the coil. See if the squeeking stops if you unwind a meter of filament off the coil first ?

    60c bed temp for PLA is perfect.


    Thanks maybe it rubs against the casing string with black wire? you do yourself an alternate mechanism extruder or work with a standard?


  10. sometimes the engine makes a strange sound when retracting. is this normal? print speed is not high and 30 mm s 15 mm sec print small objects.Friends tell me what all the same temperature table is optimal for printing small items and objects from plastic Pla. i use 60 c



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