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  1. Yes, use the smallest hex key that came with your printer to tighten 'part 3' fully. If the motor shaft (part 2) has a flat side on it (some of them do), make sure that part 3 tightens against the flat part.

    You might be able to tighten it in place - but you may have to remove the extruder by undoing the four screws on the black plastic part. When you do that, the motor behind will fall off. Therefore, remove the corner motor cover inside the printer (it is held on by one or two screws into the back and/or side panels), so that you can hold the extruder motor in place.




  2. First of all, if you are using Ultimate Blue PLA as your filament, it might explain some of your trouble. It's not the easiest one to get proper results with.

    Another thing, commenting the photo you sent, you need to use one of the Allen (hex) keys delivered with your UM2 to tighten the bolt fixing the knurled bolt to the axle of the


    thanks/ sorry for my english. it's part number 3? how much to spin? a litle o strong?


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