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  1. Just trying to print a object I made in sketchup setting is fast low quality setting on cura . I think it must be the print bed, because the print is not looking good, like it normally does. Will redo the bed levelling. Thank you for help.
  2. Hello everyone, can someone tell me if this is ok my u2 is skipping on the feed motor where the filament goes, Clicking noise:
  3. Thank you for the answers, I been print the robot I know its not the best print to start with when learning but he is cool. I printed the first one straight from sd card, second one changed just the bed temp, third followed the setting from the fourm on how to print the robot better. nosle temp was to high I think for this print 220 will try 190 next time. enjoyed seeing what changes affect what part of the print.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a ultimaker 2 and I'm really enjoying it, just a few questions When levelling the bed with paper should you keep the paper in between nosle and bed moving until to you resistance or should you move the paper out completely so that you fell resistance when trying to put the paper back under nosle and bed? When setting the print speed in curu say to 50ms than printing from the SD card after you saved that setting does the tune option of speed on u2 represent that speed so 100% is 50ms and 50 would be 25ms?
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