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  1. Will the plugins issue be fixed in a upcoming release candidate? I've tested 14.11 RC8 and adding a plugin (TweakAZ,RetractWhileCombing) still generate that header problem in the gcode that skips the heating/priming on my UM2: ;FLAVOR:UltiGCode ;TIME:<__TIME__> ;MATERIAL:<FILAMENT> ;MATERIAL2:<FILAMEN2> Anybody else experiences this problem?
  2. Aaah Aaah, that was the fix he was referring to. Great then and thanks for the update.
  3. As Daid reported, there's a bug with the plugins. If I add one (i.e TweakAtZ), then the start-up sequence on my UM2 is skipped: no heating/priming. In the Gcode, the culprit appears to be the header: ;FLAVOR:UltiGCode ;TIME:<__TIME__> ;MATERIAL:<FILAMENT> ;MATERIAL2:<FILAMEN2> If I replace it with code from 14.09: ;FLAVOR:UltiGCode ;TIME:21381 ;MATERIAL:28533 ;MATERIAL2:0 All goes normal again, including the TweakAtZ plugin who kicked on my fans on layer 1.
  4. An enclosure for a my retro console that I've been working on for a while.
  5. Watched Terminator 1 during the weekend, and what do you know, I felled compelled to print it. :grin: The http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:288467 is on Thingiverse. It was printed on Ultimaker Silver Metallic @ .1mm layers, 60mm/s, 230deg, 10% infill and with no support. I'm quite happy with the results since there's no visible print lines, I didn't do any cleanup and it looks pretty nice. Great material! Now printing one at the maximum build volume of the UM2, 30+ hours!
  6. I also have warping on some type of prints, things that have right angle corners being the worst. Whatever I do with the heated glass, randomly one of the corners will warp even just so sightly and ruin the part. With this plate, never had a single warp. :smile:
  7. Fixed! Basically, as gr5 proposed I just had to unscrew the two pulley that drives the Y axis (the ones on the console side) and displace the belt a little bit. It took a few try to get it right but I was able to adjust the machine and it prints fair and square as before! Thanks for the help!
  8. Hi, Lately I have started to notice that my prints are slightly slanted on the X axis. It's annoying because corners are not 90 degrees anymore and parts won't fit together. The bigger the part, the bigger the difference. I homed the print head and took my caliper to measure the distance between the Y axis rods. Sure enough, I measured about 1.6 millimeters between the spots on the picture below. How can I correct this? Is there a procedure somewhere? I can't seem to find an assembly manual for the UM2. :???: Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Hi Guys, I just bought one of those two weeks ago and, oh boy PLA really does stick to it! The surface is not smooth like glass, but it's pretty flat nonetheless. Would be nice if they provided one side with a sanded smooth finish. I use it a lot now and no more curling on corners. As Chrisp mentioned, it's very fast to start printing, no heating required. And none of the blue tape hassles. They have the UM2 form factor in stock now for those interested. Cheers!
  10. I don't think I ever printed that guy looking this good. Curious: Was this made on a UM2? What material and parameters did you use?
  11. Hi, I don't wan't to spam the main Cura forum, is there a place we can submit bugs for the beta versions? In the 14.05-RC2, I have this bug that when it starts computing the slices, sometimes the display freeze and it's only refreshed within a tiny area. Seems to happen if I edit some field or if tooltips are displayed. To restore things I need to maximize/minimize the window or switch between the Basic/Advanced/Plugins tabs to force a global refresh Windows 7 Pro-32 bit, NVidia card. Cheers!
  12. I noticed today that my print is offset to the left on the build plate by about 2cm, albeit being perfectly centered in Cura (14.05-RC2). No big deal, but I just wondered if I'm missing a setting or something. You can see in Cura, it's 5.5 squares on each side. On my plate, it's off by 2cm.
  13. Alright, I tried printing at 210, but the filament feeder would start to skip, so I brought it back to 220. UM Blue PLA, 50mm/s print, 250mm/s travel, Z hop at 0.075mm with combing on and using the retract while combing plugin for the last few layers. Problem solved, no more scars or other artifacts! You can see some in the middle part, but that's ok, they are in layers before the plugin kicked-in and it will be covered by a cover plate anyway. Thanks for the tips gr5 and Dim3nsioneer! :-P
  14. I did a test print of the last few milimeters with the same params but combing disabled. Indeed all but one scars are gone. Though it seems to introduce other artifacts. I'll try another one, a 210 deg, 300mm/s travel, Z hop at 0.075mm. Btw why not have Z hop on all the time? Also, what is the bad side of disabling combing altogether? Too much retraction will damage the filament or something? Oh, one more, you guys think it's possible to have better surface finish on the UM2, perhaps with specific brands of filament?
  15. Made another print yesterday. All in all, I'm very happy and impressed by what the UM2 is capable! You can still see those scars on the surface, they are everywhere. It's kinda of a shame considering the rest is so awesome. I printed at .1mm layers, 50mm/s, 150mm/s travel @ 219 deg on UM PLA. Though I forgot to use Dim3nsioneer 's plugin. I'll do more tests with the ideas mentioned by you guys.
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