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  1. Hey guy's, long time no post 😄 I have recently noticed a creaky sound from my UM 2 when the printer head moves left to right. I have lubricated all of the axis rods so I think it's coming from the motor. I've attached a video here but the sound isn't very clear. Can anyone help me with how I can fix this?
  2. Wow, thanks man, I really appreciate it
  3. leoddc


    Version 1.0


    The main bulk was printed on my Ultimaker2 with some of the smaller parts printed on a Form2
  4. leoddc


    Version 1.0


    Alien printed on my Ultimaker2 with some of the smaller parts printed on a Form2
  5. leoddc

    VR Zombie

    Version 1.0


    Printed on my Ultimaker2 with some of the smaller parts printed on a Form2
  6. Hey guys, it's been a while. I've been doing some new prints. I used 3d hubs to print some of the smaller parts on a form2 but the main bulk of these models where done on my Ultimaker2. I'd love to have the chance to use an Ultimaker3 and see what can be done without the restrictions of slicing my models into many many parts. Predator: This is my latest print I made for a lecture that I gave in Bulgaria last weekend. Alien: I made this guy for my lecture that I gave at IFCC 2016 earlier this year. His tail is missing in this image as I had to put him in a suitcase in order to get hi
  7. Wow that is so cool. the lights are a nice touch.
  8. @DidierKlein: Thanks mate @targeter: Wow that looks insane. Very impressive. How did you go about designing somthing like that, what software did you use? As promised here are some close up's. sorry about the quality, they were taken on my phone.
  9. lol. well hopefully it skips a generation. I'll post some close ups when I get home later.
  10. Thanks guy's, much appreciated. @skint: Cheers mate, it's good to be back
  11. Thanks. It's a print. PLA, 200 mm tall, 0.06 layer height. Painted with Citadel Miniature paints.
  12. Hey guy's. Its been a while since I posted anything on here so I thought I'd share this with you. Although this is my first post in a long time, I've still been lurking in the forums and I have to say I'm blown away by some of the stuff you guys have been printing. Seriously inspiring stuff! I've just launched my new website so head over to see some 3D renders of this guy leohaslam.com Cheers
  13. Cheers braddock. I'm using citadel paints from games workshop. The varnish is something they sell called "Ardcoat". it's really cool stuff. I've found that if you dry brush it lightly you get more of a greasy look and if you slap a load on it looks wet. Heres a link to their Australian order site http://www.games-workshop.com/en-AU/Painting-Modelling?N=102257+4294966611&Nu=product.repositoryId&qty=12&sorting=phl&view=table&_requestid=2003463
  14. Painted the Grinner this weekend.
  15. Thanks for the kind comments guys, really appreciate it. @Chrisp: Thanks man. I really like the push button light switch, very cool and looks like fun. @Bauermaker: excellent design and print mate. The finish is unreall. As Tommyph1208 already said you wouldn't think it was a print. What primer did you use?
  16. Hey Guys. I've uploaded the Bent Copper bust to thingivers. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:375781 Had a go at painting him
  17. Thanks guys. @Skint: Thank's man. I'm so chuffed that you where inspired to use sculptris. It's a shame that it crashed but don't let that put you off. When I first started with Zbrush it was a bit unstable and I was using an old laptop with a shitty possessor and about 512 megs of RAM. It would crash all the time so I got into the habit of saving every 5 minutes. Keep up the scultris work, I'd love to see what you come up with. @Aaron: Thanks man. I made my own custom supports in Zbrush. I did them as thin solid walls and then connected them to the model with tiny pointed cylinders. This wa
  18. Hey guys. It's been a while since I've looked on here and I have to say I'm blown away by all of the stuff everyone's been posting. Really really great looking designs and prints. Here is my latest print. I've just gotten over 10000 views on my blog and to say thanks to everyone I've done this print that I'll upload for everyone on thingiverse. Its from a personal work I did called "Bent Copper". The character was inspired by the combine troops from half life 2. I'm really pleased with the way this print came out and the level of detail that was captured. The photos don't do it justice but yo
  19. Hey man great stuff. I like your design and I like the forms you got going on. I'm really glad your giving Zbrush a go, It's such a great piece of software once you get into it. The print quality looks great too.
  20. Ah good thinking sir. works a treat.
  21. Hey braddock. I'm trying to print the spool holder but cura doesn't seem to like the frame. It will only slice it if I scale it down a bit but then the scale will be off. Just wondered if you had an issue with this?
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