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  1. I just found out my printer is bit wobbly, because the housing plates aren't correctly aligned. Thought my table was twisted, but on close inspection, my printer is just standing on 3 legs :???: Acceleration is 3000mm/s which most have as I've read it
  2. Yeah, well the spacers came out tapered for me. Maybe I'll try them again, or make them out of some aluminium.
  3. Printed the parts for Roberts Feeder upgrade today; Some rough spots, and what seems to look like a little ghosting around some holes.
  4. Yeah those shipping guys throwing boxes around... I have a rattling fan due to shipping I think
  5. Not to bad for a out-of-the-box print I guess
  6. Well I received it as scheduled, but seems a bit uneconomical to me. It went back to the distribution point in Roden (NL) after it's trip to france. Only one of my printhead fans is somewhat damaged, it kind of works, but rattles and screams. Already made a support ticket (ANI-387-75934), but seems I can't log in anymore. When I try to log in my email address doesn't exist, but when I want to re-register the email address is already in use. :???:
  7. My ultimaker went on a trip to France it seems :???: According to tracking Fedex ships a package that's domestic Holland via France... :shock: No wonder shipping keeps getting expensive :mad:
  8. Anyone who knows the current lead time for a UM2? Or is it still at mercy of the mysterious UM shipping department? Edit; Nevermind.. Just got a shipment notification :mrgreen: coincidence? :-P
  9. ..And then my NAS freaked out and reset itself to factory defaults, including format to empty default folders.. :shock: ..And of course no recent backup of the last 3-4 weeks I thought a Raid 1 NAS would give some prevention of data loss
  10. Already have another IP camera running without any problems. Once I've got my UM2, I can look into remote control options :cool:
  11. I'm planning to run an IP camera so I can check things when I'm at work.
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