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  1. Would be nice if we could cool the complete print head system, as there is a known problem when using dual extruders.

    The problems we are facing for dual-extrusion UM2 are mechanical right now, not software. Due to a mis-calculation the teflon gets too hot with 2 hotends in there.



  2. PTFE has fairly high heat resistance, so the impact of a heatsink would be subtle.


    Indeed, so every form of cooling, would be rather inefficient....

    So maybe a (stainless)steel + aluminium heatsink replacement? Somebody ever tried a full aluminium version?

    An anodized finish will add around 4 - 8% to the overall cooling effect using forced air


  3. That E3D hotend looks great. There are a few things that stand out:

    1.There is very little material connecting the actual hotend with the upper part that meets the bowden tube. Thus heat flow to the upper part will be limited.

    2. The upper section has additional large cooling fins

    3. All metal means that there is limited and uniform thermal expansion throughout the design


    Think it's one of the best hotends on the market. I'm just not that keen on modifying a brand new UM2 -_-


  4. Already have an Idea, for multiple sizes and up to 2 syringes (2 component resins maybe?)

    Pretty simple; 2 linear guide rods + bearing, a lead screw + nut and a stepper motor for mechanical parts. Rest could be printed. We just need to ad an auxiliary plug to an 4 pole double throw switch, so you can choose the original extruder, or the aux. output

    But... there's probably already a few out there?


  5. Maybe it's a recent problem, I just received mine about a week ago. Wonder if there're more UM2's with this problem.

    Well that was my thought too, CNC machined parts shouldn't deviate that much. That's why I think it's an assembly problem, although I've not measured the panels yet. And it doesn't seem to be a shipping accident. Even with all the bolts loosened, putting a lot of weight on there, there's no movement at all.

    But all in all it would mean that the imaginary plane the linear guides are in is a bit twisted


  6. My Ultimaker Housing isn't aligned properly, one of the feet is 3mm of the table.

    At fist I thought it was the table, but turned out it's UM2 itself.

    Wouldn't be bothered if it was just a little bit but 3mm seems quite a lot, and once completely lowered, the bed rests on one side of the bottom of the housing.

    I tried to loosen the bolts and realign the plates that make up the housing but no succes so far, as they seem to be interlocked pretty strong.

    What's the best plan? Take off the sides completely?


  7. I just found out my printer is bit wobbly, because the housing plates aren't correctly aligned.

    Thought my table was twisted, but on close inspection, my printer is just standing on 3 legs :???:

    Acceleration is 3000mm/s which most have as I've read it


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