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  1. so how did you fix the screw missing issue.
  2. Hi guys, sorry for not responding to your question I've lots of course this week, i'll answer all the questions by the end of next week. thanks
  3. Hey guys. I thought it would be fun to work together on a design project over summer. We are not always going to get the chance to work in such an awesome people. A list of interesting projects that we could work on and vote. Submarine Quadcopter Back Supporter Equipment Filament Extruder Make a 3D Print using UM2 You guys could add more options and vote We are MSc Mechanical Engineering Design students at the University of Manchester
  4. Just find out that the problem was on the feeder, there is screw missing on the feeder I tried to temporarily fix it with filament is seems that its working fine for now And I hope that the ultimaker team do some thing about that as i just got the UM2 a week ago.
  5. Hi I still have a problem with my print as you can see in picture I think its a material flowing issue Print setting: speed: 30 mm/s bed temp: 70 print temp: 230 - 245 layer height: 0.2 mm Pla Material can anyone send me an .stl file of any part with full print setting UM2, so I can print it to test the printer, because i'm afraid that maybe some thing is wrong with my UM2. Thank you Omar
  6. I had so many bad print since I got my UM2 a week ago and I've tried every setting there is, but yesterday I've changed the ultimaker original the blue pla material to white pla that I got from Amazon, the print turned out to be perfect finally. Can anyone explain to me what is going on? Thanks you all
  7. It was a quickprint setting 'Normal quality print' and i did another print and i got similar out come the 2nd print setting: speed 30 mm/s bed temp 75 print temp 210 - 220 Pla Material some time i need to increase the material flow to 500% so it can continue printing otherwise the material will stop flowing But when i got the UM2 few days ago there was some damage to the back case will that effect the print
  8. Hi I got my new UM2 few days ago, that is the best print i've got so far. there is any way that i can improve my print? thank you
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