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  1. Hello there, did some tests with regular Nylon (PA 6) and I have to say it went horribly wrong. The stuff is incredibly though and almost impossible to break. Now I need spare parts for the UM2 which I cannot find in the store. The Ultimaker store seems to sell only parts for the UM original. I need a new heater cartridge and a new temperature sensor for the UM2 I sent a mail to http://mailto:support@ultimaker.com Is this the right way ?? Or what can I do to get these parts shipped as soon as possible ? Kind regards, Karl
  2. Thanks for that picture link...! Really good stuff to be found there... I think I should do something similiar for the UM2. Thanks again...
  3. Hello, so far the bubblewrap and the cardboard cover on top seem to work well. My print is not finished yet but when I peek inside, I cannot see any horizontal cracks. I was wondering why Ultimaker is not equipping the UM2 with a front door made of maybe acrylic glass. Just made up a design for a front door. The hood is also in the works and will be finished by tomorrow.
  4. Hoi, hatte wahrscheinlich die gleichen Probleme. Bei mir wars die Bett-Temperatur von 75°C. Habe diese auf 60°C reduziert. Seitdem gehts ganz gut.... Vielleicht kannst Du ja Fotos einstellen ? Habe jetzt mit ABS angefangen...wieder ganzandere Probleme :-(( En Gruass vom Prättigau... Karl
  5. Hello JonnyBischof, Hello Gr5 I am using Formfutura Premium ABS "Frosty White". I have to say that it is not cheap. It was like 50 CHF a kg.... trying again this night with bubblewrap in the front a cardboard box on top. I am also thinking about a real front door made of acrylic glass and maybe some sort of bonnet... Kind regards, Karl
  6. Hello there, I was trying to do my first print in ABS last night and I noticed the part seems to crack in horizontal layers. Or at least I looks like that. It looks like the layers don't stick together properly... I am not sure about what I do see in my printer. Is this the "warping" that is very often talked about? The print is done with 20 % infill and it is my impression that the part is very rigid due to the infill. I am not sure if a distortion of that scale is even possible with this infill. I tried to raise the extruder temperature when I noticed the first cracks but I could not raise it any higher than 260 °C. Printer: UM2 Printing speed: 30 mm/s Bed temperature: 90°C Extruder temperature: 260°C Layer height: 0.2 mm Fans are off at all times Infill: 20% Does anyone have some experience printing ABS ? All hints and tips are kindly appreciated...! Regards, Karl
  7. Hello there....! many many thanks for all your tips and really good advice. I turned off the fan for the first layer which is 0,3 mm at 20 mm/s. The bed temperature was raised from 60 °C to 70° C and the extruder temperature from 200 °C to 230 °C. I now understand that the first layer must be hot enough to properly stick to the glass. The very first layer looks much different now and seems to stick much better to the glass. For now, I could print without any glue but I still used that brim. My next test will be a print without brim but with glue instead. I also came to think that it is not a bad idea to level the bed before every single print. Again, thanks a lot ! I was quite surprised about this many answers...! Kind regards, Karl
  8. Hello there... got an Ultimaker 2 last week and have been playing nonstop since then. My first prints were the little robots which turned out not so well. The main problem seemed to be to get the very first layer to the glass and prevent it from warping. I reduced the bed temperature from 75 °C to 60°C and turned on the fan to a 100% at all times. I also started to experiment with the brim and with reduced extrusion temperatures of 200 °C instead of 210 °C. The picture shows my last attempt. After six or seven hours something must have happened. I did not see it myself as it actually took place but I am guessing the parts lost their adhesion to the glass plate and got shifted by the extruder ? Does anyony have the same problems ? Could anyone solve that problem ? Kind regards, Karl
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