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  1. Hi tinkergnome ! I am not talking about the ultimaker 2 marlin version but original version. I have implanted in this original version the UltiLCD in, hum... I try it we will say. I would make work the ENABLE_ULTILCD2 or ULTIBOARD_V2_CONTROLLER. but I get this all error in compiling I am using of course the ultimaker display
  2. Hi everybody, I am trying to implant the ultipanel v2 (with ultimaker motherboard v2.1.1) with the original Marlin (becaus I would use other function who are in this and not in the ultimaker 2 marlin). I have implant the ultipanel v2 => ULTIBOARD_V2_CONTROLLER in Configuration.h and I have add all UltiLCD2 files with ultralcd_implementation_ultiboard_v2.h but when I am compiling I have a BIG lot of problem.... In file included from sketch\ultralcd.cpp:41:0:sketch\ultralcd.cpp: In function 'void lcd_control_volumetric_menu()':ultralcd_implementation_ultiboard_v2.h:869: error: invalid c
  3. Hi, can anybody help me ? :/ what display in my Device Manager: It's not a driver problem because my another UM2 board work...
  4. New answer ! I was able to burn the 16u2 but the problem they same (connect & disconnect loop)...
  5. Hi everybody ! I have a big problem with my new UltimakerBoard v2.1.1 When I connect it to the usb (with powersupply), led power go to green but it's go to connect and disconnect in loop with unrecognized usb device. I think maybe the problem come of ATMEL 16u2, but I haven't absolute no idea how can I burn it with the hex file: https://github.com/Ultimaker/UltiboardV2-usbserial I have the USBtinyISP but I do not use ATMEL Flip with it to burn... Help please ! Thanks a lot ! Jean-Baptiste
  6. Hi everybody ! I am building a new project of some "remaked" Ultimaker 2. I want to use the electronic part of UM2 because they are beautiful evolution and the Marlin Code was great updated. But on my new version I want to make "on" the Auto Bed Leveling function of my bed for various reasons. I have taken time to see and compare "original" and UM2 Marlin version, and I have seen that the Auto Bed Leveling function was absolutely cleaned of the UM2 version. To had my Zmin sensor I would use the "analog" input on the UM2 Motherbord (I see on the datasheet that I can do it). But the reason
  7. Yes nallath, that exactly the question ! Can I has professional resell Ultimaker 2 modified ? The question about to be a reseller for have better can be also a good idea too. Somebody of Ultimaker's staff can answer ? Thanks a lot for you answer all :-)
  8. Hi everybody , I have a practical question. If I buy an Ultimaker 2, make some modifications on it and would resell it. Can I do it ? The modification turn about the head, extruder, etc... Thanks for you answer ! Jean-Baptiste
  9. Utilise mega.co.nz ou bien dl.free.fr Dès que j'ai ton fichier, je teste et je te dis.
  10. Non absolument pas, netfabb est personnel. Il faut que tu nous le mettes en ligne.
  11. Je tente l'impression ce soir, ton fichier stl est bien le dernier ?
  12. Commence par passer ta pièce à netfabb: https://netfabb.azurewebsites.net Ensuite quelle version de cura as-tu ? Peux-tu nous donner ton stl ?
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