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  2. Replying to all your posts I never said the ultimaker was a terrible machine, but was annoyed at how long after sales support took to handle these matters, and after calling and persisting I got a new heat bed again, therefore this is the third fitted on my machine in just four months. I questioned the reliability of the machine in general or perhaps the heat bed more specifically as I'm already on my third... I also read some comments with too bad, easy to fix, and so on... True but none were in fact clear of what one should do exactly. One also had blown tracks on the element circuit which
  3. My machine failed once again. Already second heatbed and they quoted me €150.00 to replace which I wont accept for sure. How do you suggest I fix my headbed please as I've been waiting for an answer for 4 weeks now ? Thanks..
  4. I have bought an ultimaker II which was delivered beginning april to me, and since then I had a problem with headbed after only three weeks. After several emails which were ignored at first, ultimaker sent me a new heatbed and ftted and worked fine until the same message was back to haunt me 4 weeks ago HEATBED ERROR contact ultimaker. I sent several emails and got one replay asking me to check heatbed resistance value. After I emailed back with value no reply, called several times and they told me I need to buy a new heatbed as warranty of 3 months was up, so I need to pay €150.00. When I
  5. I would like to thank Ultimaker for sending me out all the spare parts they suspected would be the problem (In fact they were right) and these got here in just two days for my machine including a new Heat bed and cable. I replaced the heat bed and machine is working and running smooth and perfectly. ABS white also received. Great stuff!! Thanks and regards, Andrew.
  6. Hi, Yes I have been sending emails too to ultimaker too with no reply. I ordered my machine January and with spool of abs white and black and never received the white. Also told the user manual front page was damaged and never got a replacement. Now my ultimaker II is stopping whilst printing saying : heat bed sensor error all the time now and therefore cannot print. I received my machine first week april so only 3 weeks old. Emailed last Monday and also Thursday but no reply still. In the mean time will stare at my machine at this cannot be used.. Disappointed with service from ultimaker
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