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  1. Hi, Could it be possible to have 2 different flows on dual prints ? I have 2 different extruder heads with different gears and as Marlin only manage 1 extruder flow in the (standard) firmware, i need to compensate with different flows but Cura only offer 1 flow on dual prints. Thx
  2. Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to increase the E motor current further 1300 mA to get more torque on the E motor ? What's the maximum you must not exceed ? Thanks
  3. Hi Daid ! For me, 14.12.1 solved my issues apparently. I've just upadated and made 3 prints > nothing to report so far.
  4. Hi all, @Anders Olson : my heater block is fine.
  5. @Anders Olson : Ok i'm going to check my heater block.
  6. I've tried to do a normal print > bug at 160°C Then i tried Maintenance > advanced > heat up nozzle > bug Then i tried the move material > bug also. I've only tried to update once. Because we print a lot and honestly i was relieved when everything went back to normal with 14.09. Do you think i can make another try safely ? Could it be the update of the firmware that went wrong somehow although it said everything was fine ?
  7. Hi Daid ! Stock hotend. Cura on Mac OS X 10.10.1.
  8. Thanks a lot for sharing, Daid. It's really good to know what's happening behind the scene !
  9. Hi everyone, I've tried upgrading to cura 14.12 with the new firmware. Then everytime my nozzle heat reach 160°C i get this error : https://www.evernote.com/shard/s24/sh/f39fe56b-ade5-499f-8d99-5704031185cc/b10e5d969241456b2edd30789878991e/deep/0/UM2-firmware-pb.jpg Downgrading to 14.09 > everything returns to normal. Any idea what may cause this ? As there is upgrades concerning temperature management in the firmware, maybe this is an issue ? Best, 3DMM
  10. Hi pm_dude ! I've tried without top and bottom infill still 48 min time difference so my guess is top & bottom infill are not the problem... :(
  11. Hi Daid ! I was wondering if anyone has noticed the huge changes in printing times when changing the shell thickness. I was wondering if there was some kind of bug here. Let me explain. I have a std 0,4mm nozzle (like most of us). So if i want to make a print with 2 perimeters i used to put 0,8mm for the shell thickness. And cura gives the printing time in my exemple : 7 hours. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s24/sh/c7e69083-f24c-4819-a1d7-dda778a2b5df/53945d6dac5079c58b11a8f8e7708505/deep/0/Cura-14.09-0.8mm-shell.png Now if i set the shell thickness to 1mm (wich is more than my 2 perim
  12. Hi Everyone, I use Cura both on My UM2 and Printrbot Simple. Recently i tried to print this on my simple : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:48235/ File : Battery_tray_4x6_AA.stl And obtained this : The print seems to slide at some point. I thought it was a model problem, but it has no holes (the model is water tight) and even Slic3r says it's fine : https://mega.co.nz/#!HQMWWQoA!APcFhCq8CbZig9csCeFioidHiXUcRxX2dlJsvDapwzQ I never had this problem, so that puzzles me. Any idea where it could come from? Thkx edit by gr5: Fixed middle picture to be viewable without lots of work.
  13. Hi, Just to complete advices, i'd like to relate another possibility. I experimented what follow: I correctly made my bed levelling At each print, i was still away by 0.5 cm !! I first thought i was doing something wrong. I made it 5 times and was always away from the plate by 0.5 cm ! So i decided to check my model. It was a sketchup model. It turns out i had a tube with reverted faces à 0.5 cm of the bed level. I reverted the faces, exported the STL again and made the gcode with Cura. It turns out this was the problem and never had bed levelling problem again. Hope that helps !
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