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  1. I am trying to print a mark2 print head expansion board holder. The prints are all offset. I have looked closely at the slicer and it appears to be returning to the bottom left and possibly causing skipped steps offsetting the prints. I've never caught it in the act. I've tried slicing in multiple positions and settings. I'm sure i'm doing something wrong. please help.
  2. put a new bed on a works like a charm. Yeah um2.
  3. ok maybe i'm stupid but...anybody have a video on how this is supposed to go? My head parks and then it just sits there? How do I get the old filament out?
  4. Based on this: http://www.fablab-regensburg.de/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Ultimaker-2-Nozzle.pdf Should I be taking my extender apart? This sounds like it could be my problem. I am having clogging issues as well but I didn't think they could be related. I believe Occam's razor may apply.
  5. I think it is odd how intermittent the error is. I'll check the resistance with movement. So it must be a short in the wire or something? Do I need to take off the protective sleeve and inspect those?
  6. I believe it is "ERROR - STOPPED Temp sensor BED" Then the wheel glows with multiple rainbow colors.
  7. I've had my ultimaker2 about 1 month printed about 2-3 rolls of pla. Recently having trouble with temp error messages with aborted prints. I've been told by "support" to take the heated bed apart and check the wires as well as check some resistances. I think it is all is ok : 3.7 omhs resistance between screws 1 and 2. 108 omhs between screws 3 and 4 108 ohm on either side of the small rectangular area (resistor?) I've also taken the board off the bottom and checked the connections there. I reassembled it and it printed for a little while with the same error. Please help...what's next?
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