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  1. Thanks for the input, I will look into it tomorrow after work.
  2. I have my work laptop and desktop at home, and at work i'm constantly changing small variables for printing. Is there any way to link the two computers?
  3. Hmmm, good question... I would maybe say something like this: Once Cura has started, drag and drop the downloaded package into the build space like you would an STL for printing. Restart Cura, and the sidebar gui should be working again.
  4. WOW! thanks so much for the help, its back up and running just fine now!! 😁 BTW, you're very much correct about the issue. I manually added some folders in my resources for my Artillery Genius printer. Before that no issues, so had to be the cause which you identified already. And just to give some input about the instructions, everything was very clear and easy to follow except the last part: I was not sure if you meant an application window folder or the actual application (i'm not too technically savvy). I ended up first dropping the package into the plu
  5. Hello everyone! Im having this issue with the sidebar plug in.. The image shows a warning sign I get after I installed the plugin, and it only lets me send report then cura shuts down. Not sure whats going on but it caused me to reset my entire cura set up several times, until I realized I was able to delete the corrupt files under ....cura\4.4\plugins\SidebarGUIPlugin . After deleting "SidebarGUIPlugin" cura starts back up just fine like nothing happened. I really do enjoy this plug in, so I would like to ask if anyone knows how to fix the issue. Thanks everyone!
  6. Yea thats probably it. It was advertised at .4mm so thats what I plugged in. Oh well, not y problem anymore! hahah! So, what would be the reason for switching to a smaller nozzle size? Bette print quality? Or to achieve lower micron resolution?
  7. These things look IDENTICAL, check them out! I ordered these two and im returning them. To the left is the one I used which produced all the issues. And to the right is the extra one I ordered as a future replacement part. The look like the real thing, and even fit perfectly. I thing the issue was in the hole of the nozzle. I dint bother to play around and see what is was. I just wanted to enjoy my printer for once.
  8. Here are some shots.. Things would get better than worse.. The one to the left was the last print I did until I swapped them back. The one on the right was literally after I put on the old nozzle! Basically some layers would load way up and spill out, and some would miss out. So a lot of back and forth on the issues, but everything cleared up after. But yea, extra parts are always a good idea and never skimping out again.
  9. Are there any reputable websites where I can buy AUTHENTIC Ultiaker parts? I just bought a .4mm nozzle from amazon and turned out to be complete junk! Spend 8 hours and a lot of filament to figure it out. Link: (DO NOT BUY!!!) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00I508ZTA/ref=oh_details_o05_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Im looking for parts which need replacement once a while, like the nozzle or parts on the hot end. I dont mind paying a higher price if it means higher quality parts that dont cause me days of work and headaches. I just want to enjoy my printer for once, so can anyone share some
  10. I got a shimmy to stick in there so the nut would not move... The problem did not go away :/ Im thinking i have extruder issues or possibly something in the hot end. Because, something it goes a full 2-3 layers without extruding very well and it comes out lumpy. so not sure whats goig on..
  11. There was a lot of wiggling on the bowden tube at the extruder, so I took it out, wrapped tape around it and put it back in. It stopped wiggling all over and now its working.. not sure why but the issue is fixed. But its causing problems with prints. check out my other thread.
  12. Ok.. so got over some issues of my extruder skipping, and now this! (In order of when they were made, from left first to right last) I installed a new nozzle, would this be whats causing the issue? I had black filament in there last week, which burned up causing clogs, so I ended up returning it and replacing the nozzle and switching back to white. Dond mind the black mark on the first part, it was me marking it with a marker. But the other do have some dark spots. Im thinking it needs to cycle more filament?? Here are the setting for my UM1: The part is 25mmx20mmx4mm with a fil
  13. Problem solves, the solution was tightening up the gey nut that holds the hose above the extruder. I used some blue tape to hold it tighter. Looks like there was too much play.
  14. Im getting this popping sound around the read of the machine. RIGHT after it happens, the motor keeps turning but the filament stops feeding. There is no issue with the motor, and the screw is tightened plenty. I can manually turn the gear and it moves the filament back and forth with no issue. The prints are fine for the first 3-4 layers then thats when the pop happens and it stops feeding filament. I have a new nozzle too, works just fine. The machine is a UM1, with the V2 extruder. Filament: PLA 2.85mm temp: 220 speed: 100%
  15. UPDATE: I swapped back to some filament I originally had from Proto Paradigm.. All the issues went away!!! Looks like im going to be returning this PLA I got from Amazon, and I just bought 2 new spools from PP. :mrgreen:
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