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  1. @gr5, so if the model in question is under the attribution or share-alike I can use the models and sell the print as long as I redirect to the source? Im also having some doubts on Taxes levels, if I open a shop I pay x for selling finished prints, or y for acting like a printing service.
  2. So, what am I able to sell? Can I print a model from YouMagine for instance and sell it? Where and when am I violating CC terms?
  3. Humm, is 2.93mm "okay" for the ultimaker original??
  4. damn... just a text file... i could have thinked of that earlier. my bad.
  5. yes i was mainly using it to test the calibration since i just finished building it. one thing i cant manage to find is how to read the gcode...
  6. so it only happens if i do a low quality quickprint, but it happens on all models...
  7. with the quickprint i dont have other tabs after changing it to expert mode it looks like it solved it... but why would the quickprint mess up now if it was doing it right last night? with the same model?
  8. nope, i was printig fine last night, now every model i load gets that exact movement on layer 25. While printing the head just parks there and stops
  9. So all my prints stop at layer 25, this is what the model on cura looks like: http://imgur.com/q92dOFt how do i solve this?
  10. There were 2 strings missing in the kit, but it was easy to replace. The guide had some flaws that i will try to remember and post here.. Anyway, this printer is amazing. Now im off to calibrate it
  11. yeah... i already ate all that info sometime ago xD im aware of the current situation and lead times, i posted because im really anxious about getting it and there is nothing else i can do about it
  12. I know, but the website did have that info, it changed shortly after. It is a Kit, i forgot to put it on the title... how long did it take for you to get yours? Im just afraid of waiting another month for it...
  13. When i bought it the lead time on the web site said 1 - 3 days... There is no point in contacting support, all they tell me is the current lead time and that it will be sent as soon as possible. I dont know what else to say/do, i just hope you guys send it...
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