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  1. Hello, This question may seem silly but how I change the filament? Do I just pull it? or do I need to losse the "Feeder screw"? Thanks for any help. Cheers!
  2. Hello, I ordered mine from MakerShed. The ordering process was painful and very complicated but with a detailed follow up at my end the printer arrived to Canada (Ontario) after two weeks. The actual delivery time was only three days and the rest was sorting the order with MakerShed. Cheers!
  3. FINALLY..... the UM2 is here in Canada however, ordering from Maker Shed was quite painful. I'm going to fair with my review, so grab a coffee, this is going to be long. What is contradictory, is that UM and the USA reseller-MS represent innovation, forward thinking, cutting edge technology and the list goes on....... However, ordering a product on MS store from Canada turned to be a painful and frustrating experience. :oops: Maker Shed ordering system is still in the 80's. :mad: *You press the order button *Five minutes later you receive an email confirming your order. *TEN Minutes later you receive another email telling you that, $3000 USA dollars is a really big order (Really?) so, you have to pay by bank transfer. *MS has another company that handles the orders -- Global Shopex. *O.k so, I got the bank transfer process rolling. *After complaining to MS and GS, they sent me another email telling me that my credit card payment was approved. *So, back to cancel the bank transfer. *All this back and forth gave me a bad feeling, so I called Global Shopex in Florida to confirm shipping date and I got the most absurd response about shipping. *Since I ordered an extra roll of filament (Located in Florida), the printer was going to be shipped from Maker Shed in California to Global Shopex in Florida and then to Canada. *Fortunately, my complains were successful and my order was shipped in two packages. The UM was shipped directly from California to Canada and the filament from Florida to Canada. *The CONCLUSION is that in this age of online shopping revolution, it takes 17 emails, 6 phone calls and 11 days JUST TO PLACE AN ORDER online. To be fair, Natalie from Maker Shed was great help. :-P Cheers!
  4. I totally agree with you. Filling orders on time is a pretty basic business practice. It's that simple. If UM wants the support of their loyal customers, they need to support these loyal customers. Cheers!
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