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  1. Was the last post meant for this thread? In regards to your earlier one, gr5, It's PLA, the same PLA we've printed with before. It came with the machine. The Cura file worked before too. It's a 20hr print, and it ran successfully 3 times so far. Printing at 220.
  2. The nozzle distance seems fine, it printed well and hasn't been changed since. Plus it fails to extrude a few inches of filament (or any, for that matter) as the bed rises up.
  3. Thanks illuminarti. We're using the filament on a lazy susan below the printer as the default now. Our infill still comes out spotty, but at least the walls are decent.
  4. Lately when I try to print on our UM2, nothing comes out. I can go through the filament change procedure, and often find a spot where the feeder wheel ate away at the filament. If I cut off the ground away stuff and feed in the new stock, it goes through fine. It even extrudes perfectly on the last step of the procedure. I've watched it push out two feet of plastic with no problem. But the second I try to print, nothing comes out. This is with blue PLA that came with the printer. Any ideas?
  5. No luck adjusting the Material Feeder pressure, any change seemed to make things worse. We cleared out the printhead twice, so unless the bowden tube shipped full of sand I think we can rule out bottlenecks. Printing with higher temp might help for a while, but if we have to crank it up every print then it's not a very good solution, long-term-wise. Has anyone else had underextruding problems?
  6. Well, that lasted about a day. After getting some smooth prints out of it, it's back to under extruding. Tore, I'll give that a shot, but there has to be a better way. It's frustrating to see our original Ultimaker sitting right next to it doing fine. Has anyone else had under extruding issues with the U2? For Mnis' suggestions, we've only used PLA, but we've tried it from various suppliers with the same result. We're using the feed guide on the machine, and the tube seems seated well in each end. We just cleaned out the nozzle. Nozzle temp is 210 with bed temp at 60. I'll give adjusting
  7. Thanks for the help. We cleaned out the nozzle with a guitar string (bit of gunk in there) and dusted off the spool with an air hose. It's extruding fine now. Thanks again. On a different note, anyone know how to lower the default bed temp so PLA prints don't keep warping?
  8. We got a new Ultimaker 2 a week ago. After some tuning, we were printing successfully and put between 50-100 hours of print time on it This morning I came in and noticed the extrusion was looking spotty. Here are some pics to clarify: It's printed nothing but PLA so far. Any tips to help fix it?
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