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  1. I am also familiar with production I am willing to get them produced to UM2 standards, and at the prices we're seeing now.. made in the USA. They should only cost under $5 in the thousand off, made on a screw machine, I'd imagine, though I do not have experience with this particular product to give you an exact estimate. Markup? Of course! I would have purchased an UM2 already, but I'm waiting for the growing pains to be through!
  2. I am willing to stock and purchase spare parts for the UM2 in the USA.. just let me know minimum orders... As you're bringing on more USA Sellers I'm sure you'll be getting more and more requests.
  3. Heh, here in the USA registered mail is an addition of $13.66, and you are required to go to the post office (you can't have them pickup those, even if you are a business.) A 1oz (up to 3oz) parcel costs $6.16 to ship internally, so we're at almost $20. Better to pay $10 more or so for DHL, as it's much faster. Though, the USPS has been offering tracking for many first class in'tl packages, a huge change from before
  4. and they ship to the USA! Oh this can only go well..
  5. is Imakr an authorized dealer? it says on their website they have some in stock. I have an up plus 2 and a pirate3d printer, but those two seem inadequate compared to the UM2
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