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  1. Hi Guys, At some point I hope to be able to answer as many questions as I ask . I have just switched back to an ABS spool that I last used around 3 weeks ago, it has been stored in zip locked back with a bag of siica gel in a cupboard in a heated room. Last time I printed with this filament I tweaked the settings to get it to where I liked it and it printed well. This time I get burn marks in certain areas of the print. Listening to the print in progress I do hear a popping from time to time and I suspect that I may have moisture in my filament. Looking at the prints - would you agree or w
  2. Hi Axel, I found with some prints that increasing the infill as Valcrow said helps a lot with that.
  3. Hi Tobias, I am new to the Ultimaker also, so I could be wrong - but this sounds like an issue I have had before. Have you tried to disable combing? This can be found in the Expert Settings of Cura. It has also been suggested to me to use a plugin called RetractWhileCombing if you do not wish to disable combing. Hope that helps. Kaybie
  4. @Dim3nsioneer - Sorry, my bad - read them off the printer while it was printing not giving it much thought. 40mm/s. @Dreamworker - I will try slowing it down and lowering the temp a bit more, thanks @ClosedCircuit - Now that is a good idea, I hadn't thought of that - it would move the head away and back long enough for the core temp to drop - will give this a try also and compare Thanks for the time guys
  5. Hi Dim3nsioneer, Sorry my bad - I did mean fans. It is an UM2. My Settings are: Speed: 100% Temp: 210 Buildplate: 60 Fan Speed: 100% Material Flow: 100% Thanks for the tips regarding combing - I will have a play with these for 2 and 3
  6. Hi Guys and Gals, I was hoping one or two of you would be able to give me some guidance on some printing issues I have repeatedly come across. 1) Small circular areas Small circular areas seem to melt when printing - The rest of the print seems fine at this temperature, and I have the fan on 100%. Interestingly enough on this example print the left eye always melts and the right eye is always printed fine and they are the same radius. 2) Lines on printed surface Seems to be from the print head moving from one position to another, it drags across the printed surface. Is this something
  7. Valcrow, Great tip - I will give that a go - it certainly makes sense. When watching the print job I did think if only the infill was tighter in together then it would be ok
  8. Wow, what a difference, many thanks - that sorted it out nicely - I will play with the settings some more to find that sweet spot but I am really happy. Thanks
  9. Hi, Thanks so much for getting back to me. Now I know what it is called it will help in me reading about it Thanks for the link - handy to have. The part is 2mm thick - the top .75mm I would say is solid. Personally I don't think this print needs infill - but it happens on my other parts also which are much bigger (this is just a handy piece to print and print again to test). I have made the fan amendments in Cura and also increased the flow rate and am printing again. I will try and take a side shot but the print is even and solid from the side. Watching the print in anticipation
  10. Hi guys, I haven't had my UM2 for very long but have been very happy with it thus far. I have done a couple of reels of ABS and have just switched over to trying out PLA. I have played with the settings but try as I might I seem to be getting incomplete layers after cross hatching on the infill. The initial layers go down fine and as the cross hatch is being printed the print seems a bit hit and miss. As it it becomes time to do complete layers over the cross hatch again each layer seems to miss and the result is a series of holes in the print. If you can give me some clues as to what to be
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