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  1. Our U2 prints fine for several prints, then stops extruding - I see the stepper knurl grinding away at the PLA, which no longer advances through the bowden tube. I've opened the casing several times, managed to close (that is one tight spring!). The printer works for a couple prints then fails again. I am not sure what to adjust to make this printer work consistently. Can anyone please advise me? Thank you, Delaware
  2. This UO stops printing mid print, and has a dark drippy liquid forming on aluminum heater block. The hot end isolator tube looks like it's corroded, but I am not experienced enough to tell for sure. I have replacement parts, yet am loathe to disassemble hot end only to discover this is not the issue causing print problems. Can someone please look at the image and tell me if I should replace the parts, and which ones. Thanks, Delaware
  3. I have two UOs, in each the bowden tube pops out of the hot end isolator coupler, disrupting the print and causing clogs. The tube is all scratched. I tried snipping the tube of one, it still pops out ... the coupler must be damaged, right? For some reason, Ultimaker's online payment service is unale to accept my payment via credit card. Does anyone know of an alternate source for these parts, preferably in the USA? Please advice. Thanks!
  4. I am placing Ultimaker Originals in public libraries and wonder how long after printing must I leave printer powered on (plugged in) so I won't burn out circuit board?
  5. I am trying to calibrate an Ultimaker Original for my public library. At first, the extrusion head moved to the front right and made horrible shuddering sound. Would not continue. Now the software won't recognize front right switch during first run wizard. Any suggestions? Thanks, Sarena
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