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  1. I was having issues with my prints, it seemed that the material pressure against the extruder would decrease a few minutes into the print. I have always has issues with the bowden tube not seating correctly since I bought my printer in June. This only way I can keep the tube from moving is replace the c clip with another part .100 thick. The tube doesn't move now. My prints are fine. What does this mean? Do I need a new part? Will I damage the nylon tube underneath?
  2. meagan


    I just bought simplify3d because of the support feature design. I am having a big issue with it getting to print a good first layer. It seems that the extruder is not getting primed properly. Would anyone care to share their settings they are using with this software? UM2 I would sure appreciate it!!
  3. Is there anyway in Cura to just get it to print a brim on just the outside perimeter of your object?
  4. I thought one of the reasons you should print a few parts at once was to allow for cooling time. Doesn't printing one part at a time defeat that purpose?
  5. I finally got the filament out. Not sure what happened but I believe that it may have been possible that the filament was somewhat melted to the inside of the bowden tube when it went to remove the material. It was really hard to get out of there! On the plus side I had to take off the cover to the feeder so now I know how that works inside Where should my tension be set? Should I always just listen for the clicking noise??
  6. I have been printing with my printer for a couple weeks now. I believe I have been generating my gcode files the same. My last print I had three models that I wanted to print all together. I put them all into cura and generated my gcode file. When the printer ran the program it finished printing one object before it moved onto the next one. That hasn't happened to me before, usually it prints all objects together by a layer at a time. What did I do differently??
  7. I never would of thought of using a Soldering Iron. I will have to to try that! I am definitely looking forward to future improvements with Cura for supports, Hopefully sooner rather than later!
  8. I wasn't able to remove the damaged part because I can't get it out. I will make sure I do that. I will try adjusting the screw and install the latest version of Cura. Thanks!
  9. I was just wondering how people remove their support structure from there prints. I am using cura and mesh mixer. Mesh mixer supports are pretty straight forward but cura is really annoying!! I've wrecked quite a few of my prints trying to get them off. I must be doing something wrong.
  10. I was using a USB extension on my computer to upload the data. Kinda stupid really! I got rid of the extension and hooked directly to my computer. Loaded fine Thanks for the responses! I'm still learning so I appreciate ur help ALOT!!
  11. Can someone tell me why this is happening!! My filament is grinding in the feeder and not feeding. First time it happened because I think the pla got hung up on the spool. I had no problem fixing it by using the change material function. I did have to pull on it a little so that the feeder was able to get to the high spot. But now it's stuck and have to pull on it with a lot of force to try to get it out. I didn't want to damage anything, is there some sort of tension setting that I am missing??
  12. Please help! I just got my UM2 and went to update the firmware, hooked it up to the computer and now I have no software on the printer. I go to install default firmware and it errors as failed to write firmware "Timeout" Now what???
  13. meagan


    Small /med objects mainly, Possibly will need human scans. I am looking at purchasing the Sense Scanner....Seems like it might be a good one for me to start with.
  14. meagan


    I am looking to buy at buying an UM2 and the work that I want to do with it requires me to scan objects. Does anyone have any recommendations that they could provide regarding experiences with scanners they have used with this system and software?
  15. North America. I am in Canada. Do you have one for sale??
  16. Looking for a used Ultimaker 2 Printer to buy. Must be in good shape Thanks.
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