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  1. Hi, I want to get spare parts for the "hot end" - nozzle, isolator as a minimum for our UM2. The spare parts in the store have the line: "This part is compatible with the complete Ultimaker Original." does this mean for example the nozzle and isolator in the store are only compatible with the original or are they useable for the UM2? Also, the Hot End v2 Bundle Link here. is this an upgrade to the UM2 hot end it came with, whilst also being compatible with the UM2? regards
  2. Hi, My question is which material produces the best quality prints, ABS or PLA? Regards
  3. ok thanks, I'll dig alittle deeper and get back to you if there is a problem.
  4. Hi, We've had the Ultimaker 2 for a couple months and suddenly the printer no longer prints with any consistency or quality. I need you're help to fix the problem Each layer is not consistently putting down material to create a full layer. Leaving gaps in the structure. I have already done the following to try to fix the problem: Levelled the build plate (twice) Cleaned the nozzle Cleaned the feeder Please see below images that show the prints and the problem. All settings are exactly the same as when it was working properly and to test "bad settings" we have done the following:
  5. Ok thank you, would be eager for such a development. Many thanks
  6. Hi, The UM2 nozzle size is .4mm diameter. Is there any other nozzle you can get that can halve this or less (<0.2mm). Also Can you set the support Z distance less than the layer thickness but greater than 0? How would you increase the quality of the side where the supports have to be? Even with 0 distance and 40% density the support sides always turn out rough. Does it have to go slowly? say 20mm/s?
  7. Hi, My question is: Using Cura, is there a way to make the Loading and Saving and Printing more automatic by over wifi or network or USB instead of manual remove/Insert SD card for saving loading and printing? Thanks
  8. That's great thanks, I was thinking that it needed to "melt" for a true bond. I'll look into your suggestions thx
  9. Nice, but how do you stick back together the parts for the hard to reach places? I'm struggling to find a decent glue. Tried superglue and it works alright but not very strong Tried epoxy resin, few minutes to set but kind of weak bond as I pulled it off next day with ease Next i'll try model glue, hoping it can chemically melt the plastic to bond together... Any ideas?
  10. Hi, My question is how do you prevent the feeder from grinding the material?!! We have had a costly print failure due to the feeder grind... I can't be there every hour to do a little push for an 18hr print! Many Thanks
  11. Hi, We have had the ultimaker2 working for a week and now have come across a serious problem. (temps = 210 degrees) Now the material doesn't come out of the print head and infact the print head is now jammed full of material. The Bottom layer of the print head blocks has been melted on 1 of the screw corners and also the wiring to the print head has burned. Surely this shouldn't happen! The below images show the problem. So far I've removed the material from the pipe and isolator but I cannot dislodge all the material in the print head even making a hole using a needle when heated
  12. Hi, We have started using an Ultimaker2 and still using the ultimate blue that was sent with the printer. My question is when the reel runs out what happens? Does it stop printing and allow you to feed another reel or do you have to restart the print? Thanks
  13. I completed the process but I have discovered something that seems to me illogical: I reset and re ran the wizard, started the build plate from absolute bottom and this time it didn't crash into the print head. However the demo print again didn't build properly. What I discovered is when I went to the maintenance and tried to manually lower the build plate it actually raised... The raise build plate raises but doesn't stop until it crashes into the print head. I say again the "lower build plate" raises the build plate incrementally Is this a critical issue
  14. Thanks for your reply, Really? are you sure? hmmm. It's just the print head is right behind the back left glass clip and it seems it's conflicting with the movement... When I 1st did the demo print the build plate got pressured again and was not level before it went to the middle and started the demo print... It appeared that the demo print wasn't building it kept "scratching" the material and not moving downwards... I might give it another go... :/
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