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  1. Does anyone know where in the US one can purchase sheets of this glass?
  2. Is the printing bed glass or metal? I don't have the ultimaker.
  3. What is the exact size of the printing bed?
  4. I've run a few prints now. Hairspray is needed, but the adherence is by far superior to anything else I've seen. The spray fills in the pores and does not come off the bed. Only a small amount (if any) remains on the print. I'm going to make 10 of these and see if anyone wants them.
  5. What is the gluestick method? Is this just applying a glue stick to the surface? So far my method is working well but I have more tests to go
  6. I've been working on a glass surface technique that requires minimal hairspray if any at all. This solves the problem of adherence and residual hairspray sticking to the finished print. If this works out after a few more tests does anyone think I should make these available online, or is there really not a big problem here that I'm solving?
  7. No takers? I'm hoping someone can tell me his experience with printing with ABS. Does the UM2 do well with it? In this http://homemadeliquidnitrogen.com/temperature.html I am going to make a casing about the same size as this temperature probe. Is this size subject to warpage with the UM2? Thanks.
  8. How well does the printer make ABS prints with regard to warping?
  9. I'm glad to see happy users. Does anyone have any comparisons with Makergear's M2?
  10. I'm thinking about getting an UM2. How reliable are these printers with regards to clogging or other issues? I'm good with engineering, so that does not frighten me. I just don't want a constant project to fix a printer, no matter what brand, every time I have to make a print.
  11. I understand the answers will have a bias, but I am curious why users here chose the UM instead of other brands. I am thinking about the replicator 2x, Up and Lultzbot. For various reasons all the others don't seem right for me. I don't want to limit myself to a small build platform. I would like the option to use various filament types. Has the machine been reliable? Is it easy to calibrate? Does it clog up a lot? I presume I can use a standard STL file with its software? All answers will be appreciated. Thanks.
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