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  1. gr5 edit: fixed above so it is quoted. Hi and thanks for trying the PRINTinZ plate. You can sand the plate if you like. Use a block to keep it even and start with about a 220 grit paper. Then go finer. The adhesion is just as good when sanded smooth. We are working on a smoother outer surface and it should be available in the fall. We're happy to sand one side for you if anyone wants it that way. Wayne PRINTinZ
  2. Many people are able to lift their print off the plate without removing it, but if you need to remove it and flex it a bit, then I find I don't need to relevel when I put it back on the machine. They are fairly rigid - the newer version is stiffer than what you see in the .
  3. Aaron, I still don't know the life expectancy of these because no one has reported back to me that they have "used it up". Several people have ordered additional ones or different sizes for their other machines, but none as replacements (since selling them began in February). I had one user report over 200 hours of use and still going strong. The materials are all rated to temperatures much higher than what the plates will typically see (~100C or less). They are also all flexible regardless of the temperature. Let me know if you have other questions. I appreciate the interest. Wayne PR
  4. Hi, Since this thread began in January, I continued developing these flexible printer plates. My business is now called http://printinz.com and I will be offering plates to fit the UM2 in June. The latest design is slightly thinner, flatter and much more thermally stable. I solved the warping issues from earlier by making some material changes. I sent one to a user (chrisp) on this forum so I could make sure it was sized correctly and determine how best to attach it. You can see one of his posts about it http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/5737-print-plaabs-without-heated-bed/?hl
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