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  1. The hot-end is OK, but it is limited to .4 If I have to swap the full hot-end instead of just the nozzle for material changes, that's going to be time-consuming. Not planning to do something drastically different from the current hot-end. The only thing that buggs me is that it should be easier to swap from .4 to .6 or .8 for instance. It might slightly affect max Z-height, so not too much worried about that configuration aspect. Alternative, is building a Kossel Mini - Sounds like a plan as well.
  2. Before I start investigating manufacturing one myself. Did someone already create a more generic version of the UM2 hot end that could enable to easily change the nozzle size? Have found several topics for UM1, nothing fir UM2. Thanks!
  3. Nice, would have loved it a few months ago. I definitely recommend it for people starting.
  4. Yes, inside. It does not stick outside,.. maybe it should. I now moved the spool below the desk and the printer. The filament gets straight into the feeder. I'll check over time if this works. I also have to do a few tests with PET and Nylon soon for a project. Maybe I'll try print the feeder in one of those materials.
  5. Following-up, thanks EldRick for help on and instructions E-Step with MK8 after measuring 100mm of filament extrusion has moved from 282 to 300, that's 1.06383 multiplier. Very close to my empirical 106-108% increase in material flow.
  6. Thanks EldRick, I'll try to change E-Steps and let you know. And thanks for the retraction advise, my settings are off, but I was trying to solve the grind issue with the former pulley. Will restart fresh with your recommendation.
  7. I have not checked E-Steps for now (not an expert), but I push Material Flow to 106%. With Ultimaker filament and 106% material flow I already did about 1,5 spool of filament and 17+ hours prints. Also, still trying to find the optinal retraction setting with MK8. If I find anything, I'll post here.
  8. Just wanted to jump in and provide some feedback after weeks of printing with IRobertI's design. The design works well, yet I still had issues from time to time. Either because of the filament being grinded, which happened some time during retraction. I also found out that the filament was eroding the feeder. At the bottom of it happens when the filament is pulled into the feeder. I printed a filament guide to avoid that issue. On the left, is when the filament is retracted. At that stage, I decided to reprint the full feeder once more. I also swapped that weird motor head in favor of
  9. Moved to the new feeder as well. 5-6 hours of printing since without any issue. I have to load the filament with more care though. When the filament gets into the nozzle, the motor is tough on the filament and grinds some.
  10. OK, I upgraded to iRoberti 's design Since, I printed for 5-6 hours with no issues. Filament loading seems to be tough on the filament when hiting the nozzle in the head. So loading has to be done with extra caution. But so far, much better ! Thanks iRoberti !
  11. Thanks Woofsplace and Dieselpower, The topic you mentioned seems really spot on, looks like I need to do a feeder print and buy a few scews
  12. This is an UM2, the spring seems very hard indeed. Because of this, I cannot plan any prints longer than a couple of hours. I either get the the extruder grind the filament, or because of skipped steps, the head does not have enough material. Any recommendations (spring type ?) on this would be most welcome, it is getting painful :(
  13. After dismantling the feeder twice and testing multiple settings, I managed to get it work smoothly for two hours,.. fingers crossed ! Thanks
  14. Getting a weird issue with the feeder. Sometime instead of moving steadily forward, the filament is worn by the feeder and as a result the head does not get enough material.
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