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  1. please refer to the whole thread for additional temps but in case you cant read up here is a summary settings are standard for ABS this example is 0.15 layer height temps are all standard. 260 nozzle and 90 bed printing is at 70mm/s same for infil infil 20%
  2. Please be gentle with guys like us. If i am not giving you enough info then please don't be aggressive in your replys. i am posting up the setting i know. and as mentioned the setting are all default apart from the ones i have included.
  3. the large brim is because i tent to get the parts pop off the bed. bit more surface stiction isnt going to hrt
  4. i have had nothing but issues for about two months with the print quality. i have tried all different settings, i have reset the machine, i have resorted to older firm ware all in the hope to solve the issue settings are standard for ABS this example is 0.15 layer height temps are all standard. 260 nozzle and 90 bed any ideas
  5. Hi guys, I wonder if anyone else has this problem. I can level the bed on my machine, then select a print. The machine heats up and starts but the nozzle on some occasions can be 1.5mm off the bed. It was set a papers thickness during the calibration It's annoying as I have to calibrate the bed 2 maybe 3 times before it remembers.
  6. Hi guys I'm lookin for a camera I can set up so I can monitor the progress of prints remotely. Any advice? What do you use?
  7. I am very frustrated with this... i purchased my machine on the fact that twin extrusion would be coming around the second quarter of the year. Maybe naughty of my re seller to claim such a time scale but even still i am starting to wonder if my money would have been better spent else where an i'm getting severely limited on what i can offer when competing businesses have twin extrusion capability. if i run my business this way without ever drawing a line in the sand and aim for a completion date i would never win any business. WE NEED A DATE ULTIMAKER!! or don't tempt us with the dream o
  8. i tried not wearing shoes in the office and it seems to have made a difference
  9. I have been getting some really big shocks from our machine since installing it in out office. does anyone else have this issue? any solutions?
  10. Hi everyone, My Name is Jamie. My company is Iconic Engineering Solutions and we have just purchased our first Ultimaker 2. Machine is lovely and already making parts. I am sure there is a learning curve as with everything but we are enjoying the new tech. http://iconictek.tumblr.com/post/84412679877/3d-printing-services-arrive-at-iconic-engineering
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