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  1. If i remember correctly, the not-breaking of the filament was not the biggest problem, even though I think the sensor was before the feederwheel. Iow, the material would remain infront of the sensor, the wheel would grind the material and that would be that. However, since it was not a 'filament is there/not there' sensor, but an actual rotation sensor, we could in fact detect this. E.g. the wheel is moving/not moving and thus the filament is either stuck our out. Either case, a problem As Sander said, the sensor was a magnetic rotation sensor, and we had a wheel with a magnet on it that
  2. While this post is probably antient by now, just to let this lingering questing not go unanswered: apt-get update stores files in both /var/lib/apt and /var/cache/apt. Removing both these directories solves the disk full issue with regards to files generated from apt. rm -r /var/lib/apt /var/cache/apt Having said that, there are two methods to get apt working. One is to use tmpfs (we did this in the latest firmwares, but there's problems and risks there, such as running out of memory) mkdir -p /var/lib/apt /var/cache/apt mount -t tmpfs /var/lib/apt mount -t tmpfs /var/cache/apt T
  3. Even the kernel is on github: https://github.com/Ultimaker/linux/tree/opinicus_v4.2.0-rc7 with our config here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/linux/blob/archive/opinicus_v4.2.0-rc7_v2/arch/arm/configs/opinicus_defconfig It includes our patches (which where in WIP state at the time, they are on their way to upstream for ages) Our bootloader is also available in case you are wondering https://github.com/Ultimaker/u-boot/tree/archive/sunxi-ultimaker Afaik we are in full compliance with the GPL to these bits of code.
  4. Because it's cheap? The machine is already expensive enough as far as i can see. There is nothing wrong per se with UVC, but this is indeed a pretty rubbish camera. Yes it is a cheap camera, but that was the whole point, we wanted to just monitor prints, not add to the price for a super high-end camera. That said, the camera defaults to 800x600 on purpose. It is 'good enough' for streaming purposes and is easy to work with, low bandwith etc. One use-case was to monitor a print remotly, via a mobile phone (or even a mobile connection). You don't want to do 1280x1024 there. Having said t
  5. Hello mqdusi, I see you are trying to connect via wifi. Can you check if this also happens on the LAN connection? Additionally, what DHCP server are you using and would it be possible to post your dhcp config? The forum will likley refuse it, but you could use paste.debian.net maybe? If I understand correctly, you first had configuration A on your network (either pool A range of IP address or a dynamic pool); then modified your DHCP server config to force this mac address into a different pool (which results in sending out a NACK on the old request and sends out an OFFER on the new pool), ri
  6. lol; I bet even phpbb3 would b better.
  7. _do_make.bat however is very platform specific and requires patching when changing arduino versions etc. Also, _do_make.bat is basically patching the Makefile 'on the fly'. Since we're talking about UM's specifically here it's not unthinkable that RepRap based firmware won't build 'out of the box'
  8. Not entirely true, You get this issue also with 1.0.5 when using a wrong motherboard. The default right now is '11' in the Makefile. A patch I have in my local git repository looks like the following (tested on *ubuntu) for an UM2 which is motherboard version 72. Arduino is installed via apt-get and i think it now has a dependancy on the normal avrdude (avrdude.conf is a symlink to /etc/avrdude...) diff --git a/Marlin/Makefile b/Marlin/Makefile index d8c7d0a..481c454 100644 --- a/Marlin/Makefile +++ b/Marlin/Makefile @@ -37,19 +37,19 @@ # from the commandline with "make HARDWARE_MOTHERB
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