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  1. Dear Sender, As requested, I sent you these informations by PM (by e-mail). Dear gr5, Thanks for you reply and your tips. Please, note that I work at 90 mm/s and 0.3 mm layer height with my other printer. And it works perfectly. The only problem I had was a broken wire I change at 800 hours of printing. Best,
  2. Dear Sander, Thanks for your reply. Yes, and you have seen that I have kindly thanks gr5 for is answer. I know he want to help. But I didn't need help for doing a print. I need help and consideration about serious hardware issues which impede me to work with this machine since I received it in march. Sorry but I think I have being enough patient and "open-minded" before. But there is too much problems for me yet and my machine never works properly. I made a mistake. I was talking for 50mm/s at 0.1, Not 500mm/s. Even with the skirt mode disabled I can't print more than 227 mm on X axis. Bad things then customers sent me files at 230 mm... Why I'm on public forum ? I sent a lot of private e-mail and phone call to Ultimaker before. It take a lot of time to be answered back and I really think issues with my machine aren't consider seriously. So I think that people have to know what happen to some customers before doing their printers choice. You answer about fan, yeah you sent me a new one, thanks. And as I said before (and by mail to you too) this didn't fix anything. But on the video I sent to you, you admit there these a problem. Right ? So, next step about this issue ? The solution didn't work and we had to stay with something wrong ? No, sorry. From the beginning I said it seems to have an issue about the electrical driving (not the fan itself). Yes, you give me 70 € for the heavy scratch on the machine (and other defects on the machine). Good. So, what can we said about these other points ? 1) Filaments spools I didn't received since january ? 2) No fix on material feeder during the time which this machine was to the technical center ? 3) No fix on the fan too 4) The new issue about the temp sensor ? Did really your staff try this machine before sent it back ? Maybe they done a mistake by mixing the repairs orders ? Why don't you answer about these points ? For me it proves another time that customers issues aren't consider seriously by Ultimaker. What must I think about this ? I complain about some issue, I sent my machine back to UM. There is no work on these issues (the customer center confirm me they just change the hot parts) and the machine come back with a new issue... Don't know if I had to cry or laugh... Okay, 3d printing is new and there is a lot of young company. But seriously... we don't talk about technologies here. It's about unscrewed screws, disconnected cables, unpowerfull motors, etc... And when I only print (with issues) during 15 hours on my UM2, my Replicator 2 still working perfectly after 1000 hours. So, you said me it's normal to have to do "some" maintenance on this machine ?! I wouldn't have to open it, change motors, fans, etc... every 3 weeks ! Today I need answers. What would Ultimaker do about this damn machine which doesn't work ? I wouldn't sent it back again to you if you aren't able to fix it and take a look on the parts which doesn't work ! I really need to see this nightmare stopped. It take me too much of time, energy and money. I can't endure more. I'm tired about these events and Ultimaker is a really big disappointment for me. Thanks,
  3. Dear gr5. Thanks for your answer. But I'm sure you will understand that I'm waiting for an answer from Ultimaker staff. Thanks for your tips too. But seriously, I wouldn't have to open a machine which never works properly and just come back from technical center ! Do you have to open your gearbox to fix it when you buy a new car ? I guess no. About the slippering. I work at 230°C with PLA from Ultimaker, 70 mm/s, 0.2 mm high. And it didn't work ! Please, as I said before I use some 3d printers since a while. It's why I can know if something goes wrong or not... Do you think it's normal to have tu push the filament by hand to have a good printing quality with these parameters ? I dont' think so. Here his the result when I don't help to push the filament by hand : The worst thing is that we perfectly hear the "click" noise during slippering and seeing that the gear from filament feeder stopped. But even if I sent some videos to the technical center, they sent me back the machine witjpout any fix on this. Seriously I think they didn't test it before sent it back to me. Ok, let's try to forget about my machine which didn't work anymore... - 300 mm/s from catalog, can't go up to 70 mm/s - 0.02 mm layer hight on catalog, can't work if I'm less to 0.1 mm with 500 mm/s (due to slippering). Please, not that you can't choose less than 0.025 [mm] in Cura even the UM2 datasheet said 0.02 [mm] - 230 mm max built zone on X axis ? So, try to put a piece which is more than 220 mm on Cura... it didn't work - I never seen anything to upgrade to 2 printhead, even it was on of the advertising argument on the website before. Oh, I forget that I'm still waiting for filaments spool that I ordered in January and about the heavy scratches on the buit plate of my UM2 when I received it. They could have good product. But I think they will kill their business by unfulfiied promises, a poor customer services and the worst consideration for customers that I have never seen before. And today I'm really thinking that my machine would never work well and that Ultimaker was the worst choise to do. Seriously, how could a machine not being fix after getting back to technical center... and come back with a new issue ? It's unbelievable.
  4. Dear Ultimaker staff, I have really some bad experience with Ultimaker and the story continue on the wrong way... So, I ordered my UM2 on January and received it in late march. From the beginning I have an issue. An incredible hard noise from the cooling fan. After a few mail and videos for example, Sander admit there was something wrong and kindly sent me a new fan. This change nothing... Anyway, three weeks later I have the second issue. Some filament slippering on the material feeder. So I wasn't able to do good printing anymore (can't print faster than 70 mm/s). After a lot of e-mail, Ultimaker accept to repair my UM2 under warranty. So, I received it back last week. 1) They said that they change the hot parts (I didn't understand because they didn't do nothing on material feeder or cooling fan which were the issued parts) so I had the same issues than before. 2) I only use it 3 times since last week and since today I have the message "ERROR - STOPPED Temp Sensor". And I can't use it anymore. Is this new issue due to the change you have done to the hot parts on the printhead ?! I'm not new on the "3D printing world" I use 3d printers since almost 2 years and doing printings for customers (schools, factories, etc...). I'm really started to be crazy about this machine. I spent 2000 € on this and I can't use it properly from the beginning. It's totally unacceptable. I have some printings to give to my customers and I wouldn't be able to honor my contracts due to these issue. Why couldn't Ultimaker deliver me a congruent printer ? Even after I sent it back to the customer center ? I ask for a refund and sending back my machine to Ultimaker. They wouldn't, even I was on the 14 days time from the delivering. I'm really thinking I am rip off with this machine. Please ! I beg you to find a solution. I couldn't believe I spent so much money and time on a machine which never works properly ! Could a person in charge of Ultimaker contact me quickly ? I can even go to the Netherlands to show you how it couldn't work and the different issues if it needed. But I can't stay in this situation anymore and I'm really started being sick about what happen here. Thanks for your understanding. I'm waiting for your reply.
  5. Thanks for your answer gr5. I will try this test as soon as possible Dear Sander, I can understand that issues can appaears on old printers. But I have problems with my UM2 since I received it. Regarding to this, I wouldn't have to disassemble or change any part of this printer or change any current settings. Several technical issues, missing stuff on my order (since 6 weeks), many difficulties for having contact with support (yeah, 1 or 2 weeks once I spent 8 days by call support center and sent many e-mails. And then, no answers for 10 days when I give some feed-pack about the new fan which didn't work too). I'm sure you do your best but trust me, my Ultimaker experience really looks like a nightmare. I was asking for a refunding and give back this printer one week after I received it. Seems this request wasn't favored. Good things, Marritt offered me a repair. i just hope that DHL will contact me soon for the pick. Best,
  6. Dear Sander, As you can show in my previous message, this didn't happen only during the loading step but also during normal print. I also tried to print with "standards" settings and there is always this slipping. This results on a not fully extrusion and bad quality printings (especially at 210°C, I have to set up at minimum 220°C with PLA or it didn't extrude properly). Please, note that during the early days, this UM2 dind't have slip issues. So, this proves this is a new issue. For me there is a mecanical or electrical failures. Especially in regards of the other problems that I have this machine sice I received it (as I said by mail and still waiting since for a response 2 weeks). Anyway, I'm truely disapointed by Ultimaker machines and customer care. Same feeling than Naz, I've spent 2000 € for an "ornemental" machine which never works propelry while my other printers still works well and running everyday since more than a year. The worst is this awful feeling about that Ultimaker don't care about customers complains and didn't do is best to improve the situation by fixe hardware issues or take serisously the users complains. Note that I have ask for a repair or a replacement to your sales departement (this only because I haven't obtain the information to how getting back this machine to Ultimaker and obtain a refund when I just received it...) Best,
  7. Yeah, I have the same problem... No answers from the support and I'm already waiting for 8 filaments spools from my initial orders. I have a Replicator 2 since a year and that's true, their support is much better than Ultimaker.
  8. Hi all, I have the same problem as seen on this video from Naz72 since a few days : http://s1206.photobucket.com/user/naser404/media/9E15BE4B-A44F-4484-9DAA-D933836CDEDF-2629-000002A3C48AFC2C_zpsecb1ae5c.mp4.html Does anyone have any tips to fix it ? Even then I print something, I can heard a clatter noise from the material feeder (and not only during the first layer but at any time and during all the print time). When I gently manually push the filament through the material feeder, the noise stops (even if I print minicaltest from the SD card). Thanks for your help.
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