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  1. Dear Sender, As requested, I sent you these informations by PM (by e-mail). Dear gr5, Thanks for you reply and your tips. Please, note that I work at 90 mm/s and 0.3 mm layer height with my other printer. And it works perfectly. The only problem I had was a broken wire I change at 800 hours of printing. Best,
  2. Dear Sander, Thanks for your reply. Yes, and you have seen that I have kindly thanks gr5 for is answer. I know he want to help. But I didn't need help for doing a print. I need help and consideration about serious hardware issues which impede me to work with this machine since I received it in march. Sorry but I think I have being enough patient and "open-minded" before. But there is too much problems for me yet and my machine never works properly. I made a mistake. I was talking for 50mm/s at 0.1, Not 500mm/s. Even with the skirt mode disabled I can't print more than 227 mm on X axis. Ba
  3. Dear gr5. Thanks for your answer. But I'm sure you will understand that I'm waiting for an answer from Ultimaker staff. Thanks for your tips too. But seriously, I wouldn't have to open a machine which never works properly and just come back from technical center ! Do you have to open your gearbox to fix it when you buy a new car ? I guess no. About the slippering. I work at 230°C with PLA from Ultimaker, 70 mm/s, 0.2 mm high. And it didn't work ! Please, as I said before I use some 3d printers since a while. It's why I can know if something goes wrong or not... Do you think it's normal to
  4. Dear Ultimaker staff, I have really some bad experience with Ultimaker and the story continue on the wrong way... So, I ordered my UM2 on January and received it in late march. From the beginning I have an issue. An incredible hard noise from the cooling fan. After a few mail and videos for example, Sander admit there was something wrong and kindly sent me a new fan. This change nothing... Anyway, three weeks later I have the second issue. Some filament slippering on the material feeder. So I wasn't able to do good printing anymore (can't print faster than 70 mm/s). After a lot of e-mail,
  5. Thanks for your answer gr5. I will try this test as soon as possible Dear Sander, I can understand that issues can appaears on old printers. But I have problems with my UM2 since I received it. Regarding to this, I wouldn't have to disassemble or change any part of this printer or change any current settings. Several technical issues, missing stuff on my order (since 6 weeks), many difficulties for having contact with support (yeah, 1 or 2 weeks once I spent 8 days by call support center and sent many e-mails. And then, no answers for 10 days when I give some feed-pack about the new fan
  6. Dear Sander, As you can show in my previous message, this didn't happen only during the loading step but also during normal print. I also tried to print with "standards" settings and there is always this slipping. This results on a not fully extrusion and bad quality printings (especially at 210°C, I have to set up at minimum 220°C with PLA or it didn't extrude properly). Please, note that during the early days, this UM2 dind't have slip issues. So, this proves this is a new issue. For me there is a mecanical or electrical failures. Especially in regards of the other problems that I ha
  7. Yeah, I have the same problem... No answers from the support and I'm already waiting for 8 filaments spools from my initial orders. I have a Replicator 2 since a year and that's true, their support is much better than Ultimaker.
  8. Hi all, I have the same problem as seen on this video from Naz72 since a few days : http://s1206.photobucket.com/user/naser404/media/9E15BE4B-A44F-4484-9DAA-D933836CDEDF-2629-000002A3C48AFC2C_zpsecb1ae5c.mp4.html Does anyone have any tips to fix it ? Even then I print something, I can heard a clatter noise from the material feeder (and not only during the first layer but at any time and during all the print time). When I gently manually push the filament through the material feeder, the noise stops (even if I print minicaltest from the SD card). Thanks for your help.
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