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  1. Hi Thanks for the help. The fan now works a treat. You were correct it was the wire that needed to be pushed in further to the connector. We have now successfully printed three things. Thank you. Steve
  2. Fantastic - fans now working. I am about to go away for two days and will print a sample on my return and post the results. Thanks so much for your help. Kind regards Steve
  3. Hi We've taken the black plastic sleeve off the wires and it looks like possibly the green wire has a problem? Thanks Steve
  4. Hi Thanks for the advice. The fan is not working. We followed your advice and tuned the print and set the fan to 100%. The fans didn't work. So then we jiggled the electrical cables gently that are next to the pla tube. If we pushed these away from the pla tube the fans would work. But then they stopped, so I'm assuming it is a loose wire. I don't know what you mean when you say to "slide up the plastic sleeving at the top of the print head"? Is tghis the black mesh that surrounds the wires? Thanks for your help and patience. Steve
  5. Hi I was wondering if someone could please help us. We are new to Ultimaker and 3d printing. We have setup the printer and successfully printer the Ultimaker robot that ships with the printer. We then didn't use it for a month and went to print the robot again and now it doesn't print correctly (please see photo). The settings are the default settings for pla. What are we doing wrong. Thanks Steve https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4q398OPfQ_PUjRlRmRTVVhYUkk/edit?usp=sharing edit by gr5: added image to gallery here:
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