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  1. I've had quite a few problems with melting parts and the default settings for temp with PLA. For me, 50-55 degrees is perfect. 65-70 seems to always give me trouble.
  2. I experienced a bit of this when I changed the material for the 2nd time. I've noticed a significant reduction in it by using a different spooler mechanism so the tension isn't so hard on the right side of the feeder intake. This one worked well for me, and it sits under the the table that the printer is on feeding directly upward into the feeder. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:290064
  3. I had a very tough time at first loading the material, and I tried pushing harder but it wasn't the fix for me. Inside the feeder slot with the arrow there was a slight lip where the material was getting caught before it entered the chamber. While the feeder is spinning slowly, I would have to angle the material toward me so it didn't get caught on that invisible lip inside the feeder. Once I did this and the spinner reaches a certain point, the material would easily load. Took me a few tries to figure this out. If you're having trouble even after pushing harder, try wiggling the the mate
  4. I've had some luck with the maintenance option to extrude some material with the spin dial. After about 20 cm or so of extruded material expulsion I get some better prints. EDIT: Shortlived.
  5. Check your bed plate screws and see if they are warped. Mine were and I'm guessing it's a major cause of problems for a lot of people. http://i.imgur.com/5sWb0ke.jpg
  6. When I first got my Ultimaker the bed screws were... angled. I didn't realize there was a major problem until I tried to level the bed. Some of the screws would turn but they only seemed to work in one direction, and making it perfectly flat was very difficult and in the end one of the screws wasn't really making the connection it seemed. (A bit loose). I've never owned an Ultimaker so I didn't know any better. I figured maybe this was how it's designed. I did manage to get it to pass the paper resistance test, though not perfectly even across all 3 screws. It took 3 hours of basically
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