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  1. I've had good results with 123d catch, all you need is a camera.
  2. Another case of not reading the first post :-P
  3. As stated, I had big dreams to be running a little 3D printing factory for a certain part, but the quality just isn't where I need it yet. Can't wait to see what the next 5-10 years holds! PM responded EA407.
  4. Hey Sam, I'll keep you in mind if it doesn't sell in a week.
  5. Bought this a few months ago along with my other UM2. Have original receipt and everything which I will provide, just no time to work on the venture I had planned. I'm past the point where I can return it so I'm willing to take a hit at $2500, would prefer a local person in Northern Virginia cash deal. I'll help you set it up and let you unbox it!
  6. Well to report back, I have a large format vinyl printer so there is always a large roll of application tape (basically masking tape but in a wide roll) on hand. Worked incredibly on a 75 degree bed. Anything higher than the glass temperature of XT would produce a slight melted "sag" in the base layer. An added bonus of application tape is that it's super cheap, available in different levels of tackiness and doesn't need layering like blue tape. I say the above having never used blue tape FYI.
  7. Awesome! So I'm not crazy! Thanks Nick, Dider and Cez!
  8. Had the UM2 for a 2 weeks now, prints like a beast with PLA. No feed issues at all. I did some research and it seems that most are printing XT at 235 degrees (or less) at 50mm or so. At 235 the XT is worthless, at 220 it won't extrude; however, 245 is money for me. The main issue I have is base plate adhesion. It simply will not stick to the base cold, if it does it will warp super quick. I can't print on a base under 80 degrees. Is this normal? So far I'm having luck with an 87 degree base but I feel lucky that all the prints have come out fine. If I look at the print the wrong way it will
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