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  1. Cura 14.07 one major problem find.

    I have try several (5) times to make one and same "print" with Cura 14.07 and Prusa i3 (CookingHacks model, yes I make it working fine) . Printing is freezing in random X,Y,Z place extruder and bed is on. Its look at g-code is stuck on same position.

    It is happening even I been near at my printer or printer computer (W7).

    Cura 14.01 is latest fine working version in my case. When I use 14.01 to print my object´s no freezing happening.

    I use old Pro/Desktop to make my objects and covert them to 3D .stl files.

    On Cura14.01 in term window have some error lines and 14.07 have not any error lines shown. Is in Cura 14.07 better engine to make g-code or do it ignore erros or what ?

    Also I like that printing window 14.01 and I wondering why it has to change to look like Pronterface. :shock:

    It is sad to see everything go change to look same. Very sad.




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